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Your 12 Week Bikini Body Post #2

Your 12 Week Bikini Body Post #2

In our second post of the series we are talking about Motivational tools! Yes of course goal setting is one but it is the beginning and reviewing your goals regularly is extremely important on ensuring success of any health and fitness program! 

Winners and losers

Motivators are important to have around the house, on you and in your general environment. They will constantly remind you of what you are going to achieve and what you are not going to go back to again. Remember your journey should be about lasting change and not about just getting and immediate result only to destroy your new found dream body and confidence by treating it like a night club, instead of treating it like a temple! 

Here are some of the awesome motivators we implement with our VIP clients;

**We recommend a minimum of three and keep updating them so they stay relevant to what you are trying to achieve. I would personally recommend reviewing your goals and motivators weekly!

1. Pre Photo’s and Update Pictures – Photo’s are a no B.S. way of showing you exactly how you are going on your journey! They will either make you feel awesome because of the results you are getting or you will look at them and decide enough is enough and you need to make change, and take control of your life! Up date your photos a minimum every 4 weeks. Take a back, side and front photo showing all the bits and pieces you want to lose!

2. Affirmation  – A statement that is spoken in a tone that is as if you have already achieved your results. e.g. I am a strong Confident Person who exercises daily and eats healthy meals every day!  You should speak your affirmation as often as possible! 

3. Clothes – Ok girls here it is – GO SHOPPING! Buy clothes that you want to look awesome in, that you want to feel sexy in, that you want to feel comfortable in! Hang your new out fit on the wall and use it as a positive motivator, this will help with “is this really worth it” sabotaging talk. When you do this you need to look at it and feel the positive emotion on how you are going to feel when can wear that item of clothing!


4. Friends and family – If they are supportive tell everyone your goal. They will keep you extremely accountable and motivated. Last thing you will want to do is tell everyone that you have jumped off the band wagon! You can do this with social media as well and it can be quite effective, you may find that you will even start motivating others! 

5. Vision Board – A big white board or cork board with pictures, words and everything related to your end goal! These work especially well when you have the steps on the board that you have to do to achieve your goal and you can mark them off! 

Vision Board

Other cool motivators are – Goal books, post it notes, pictures of the body you want, motivational quotes, scales and people that have inspired you! 

If you have some other cool motivators don’t be afraid to leave them in the comment box below! 

Stay Awesome 


Tim Morgan

4 U Body Fitness

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