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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a In Home Personal Training Specialist ?

4 U Body Fitness have a team of specialised trainers that are able to deliver weight loss and fitness programs out of the comfort, privacy and security of your own home. This includes complete in home program, coaching strategies to keep you accountable and motivational strategies to keep you focused.

How Fit Do I Need To Be To Have A Personal Trainer ?

There is zero fitness required before you start with one of our expert trainers! If you have previously never exercised before we will slowly build a base fitness level up. WE WILL NOT SMASH YOU SESSION 1 (this is an outdated and uneducated method of training, we need to learn your body and how it works so that we can deliver the best results, destroying you doesn’t do this!)

I Have No Equipment At Home Does That Matter ?

4 U Body Fitness Mobile Personal Trainers are equipped with the skills and knowledge to give you a workout with minimal equipment, and any equipment that may be required we will bring to the session! So no it doesn’t matter that you have don’t have a gym in your garage!

We Don’t Have A Lot Of Space Available ?

We specialise in at home personal training which means if you have enough room to lie down and stand up then we can deliver results for you!

I Have Injuries Can I Still Lose Weight ?

We are experts in working with your current team of doctors and specialists to help in your rehabilitation and when necessary working around any current injuries. Don’t let a few little blockages stop you from getting the results you deserve!

Do You Give Any Nutritional Guidance ?

In our Results Personal Training Package we do a full nutritional assessment and food management program. This is our way of getting you to cut the crap in a manageable, achievable and cost effective way!

What Times Are You Open ?

Our sessions start from 5:30am and finish at 9pm monday to friday and we do 8am to 2pm on Saturday and Sunday!

How Do I Get Started ?
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