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How to Engage Your Abdominals

Hey there Legends!! Today i would like to talk to you all about using your “core” muscles properly Are you using yours correctly? After going to an Abdominal Training Seminar, I recognise that a large percentage of people doing crunches, or any form of a sit up, incorrectly. The correct... Read More

Body Image

Body image, by Gem As a personal trainer it’s my job to help people achieve their health and fitness goals and more often than not they are physical goals. I often ask my clients how they will feel when they achieve that weight loss goal to receive the same answer... Read More

George Varsamis’s Awesome Journey

George Varsamis in his short time with 4 U Body Fitness has got some great results with superstar coach Nicole Bartlett!  We asked George about his 4 U Body Fitness Experience  Tell me a little bit about you and why you started training? I work in an office all day and... Read More
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