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The Importance Of Nutrition And Joint Health

Hey crew. I came across this really helpful bit of information the other day and I thought it would be good to share it with you all. What we eat really does help our body repair itself and remain strong.   Joint health requires a perfect recipe of natural anti-histamines,... Read More

Vee’s Journey With 4 U Body Fitness

My journey with 4 U Body Fitness began 12 months ago as my fitness levels were deteriorating due to hectic work hours, long commute and generally not having sufficient time due to other priorities in life (child) taking over!  My main goal was to increase my fitness levels and a... Read More

Do you really need more hours in the day?

Or, do we just need to use our time better and more efficiently? With our world constantly growing and getting busier on a daily basis. We find ourselves with endless things to do and more times than not, never get them done. Lack of time due to reasons like taking... Read More

Mindful Eating For Weight Loss

   It’s a term being mentioned more and more in health circles and for good reason. Mindful eating is the simple practice of acknowledging everything you eat and experiencing the sensations and feelings that come with it. It may not seem like a concept that could help with weight... Read More

I’m Sorry

sorry /ˈsɒri/ adjective 1. feeling sad or distressed through sympathy with someone else’s misfortune. “I was sorry to hear about what happened to your family”2. feeling regret or penitence. “he said he was sorry he had upset me” Well actually I am not and neither should you!  Today we are... Read More

Change Is Important

We are very lucky to have a guest blog post from one of our amazing clients, a dear friend and an awesome human being. In this post, Mel Rogan shares her personal journey of how a seemingly crippling knee injury has become a catalyst of self-acceptance and the importance of... Read More

Self worth and confidence

Hi, team we have a special guest blog writer today in Brooke Burnside. Brooke is an amazingly accomplished beauty therapist and is now studying to be a personal trainer. Brooke has done an amazing job in the following blog sharing her personal experience with self-worth and self-confidence and the steps... Read More

Client spot light! Emmanunal 24kgs down!

A huge congratulations to superstar client Emmanual on his journey so far! He isn’t finished yet but we couldn’t wait to share his experience!    Its been a long road so far but I’m far from finished. My journey started in October 2017 and I weighed 155kg and I was... Read More
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