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Change Is Important

We are very lucky to have a guest blog post from one of our amazing clients, a dear friend and an awesome human being. In this post, Mel Rogan shares her personal journey of how a seemingly crippling knee injury has become a catalyst of self-acceptance and the importance of... Read More

Self worth and confidence

Hi, team we have a special guest blog writer today in Brooke Burnside. Brooke is an amazingly accomplished beauty therapist and is now studying to be a personal trainer. Brooke has done an amazing job in the following blog sharing her personal experience with self-worth and self-confidence and the steps... Read More

Client spot light! Emmanunal 24kgs down!

A huge congratulations to superstar client Emmanual on his journey so far! He isn’t finished yet but we couldn’t wait to share his experience!    Its been a long road so far but I’m far from finished. My journey started in October 2017 and I weighed 155kg and I was... Read More

How to Engage Your Abdominals

Hey there Legends!! Today i would like to talk to you all about using your “core” muscles properly Are you using yours correctly? After going to an Abdominal Training Seminar, I recognise that a large percentage of people doing crunches, or any form of a sit up, incorrectly. The correct... Read More

Body Image

Body image, by Gem As a personal trainer it’s my job to help people achieve their health and fitness goals and more often than not they are physical goals. I often ask my clients how they will feel when they achieve that weight loss goal to receive the same answer... Read More
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