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Vee’s Journey With 4 U Body Fitness

My journey with 4 U Body Fitness began 12 months ago as my fitness levels were deteriorating due to hectic work hours, long commute and generally not having sufficient time due to other priorities in life (child) taking over!  My main goal was to increase my fitness levels and a gym membership was not going to solve for it!

I started working with Trev over nine months ago and we’ve tried many things, and found a happy balance.  We’ve revised the program as required, to get the best results.  We ended last year on a high with not only improving my fitness levels (as he keeps telling me I have a “new PB”) but also a bit of weight loss too!

Trev has been fantastic to work with, he is very easy going, knowledgeable (is always doing courses, workshops/training, etc), very accommodating with any changes to the schedule.

He does look at you and your goals holistically and will design the program accordingly including utilising medical professionals where required.

We’re both like-minded therefore this has been a great journey as we work towards another year’s goals to smash…and no I don’t intend to do a marathon, Spartan or anything crazy like that Trev normally spends his time on!



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