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Do you really need more hours in the day?

Or, do we just need to use our time better and more efficiently?

With our world constantly growing and getting busier on a daily basis. We find ourselves with endless things to do and more times than not, never get them done. Lack of time due to reasons like taking on too much, distractions, procrastination, family, work commitments and social media is a huge contributor, has become the social norm and extremely daunting. I think it’s time we looked at where our time is going and what we are doing with it.


            I realised I was searching for more time to complete my daily tasks quite regularly. Finding the time to workout, meal prep, go to work, do the housework etc. is sometimes extremely difficult. Going to bed late because things had to be done, causing severe lack of sleep, therefore running on low battery. Not eating at the times I should have been. Making my body and mind suffer. Busy is not always effective. My energy was at an extreme low, which was the main factor to the lack of water, nutrition, communication, negative mindset, skipping exercise just to throw a few out there. I felt like a complete blur and life was just happening around me. Doing the same thing day in and day out getting nowhere. I had to make a change. It shouldn’t be this hard to find at least a little time out of my 24 hours to take care of myself and enjoy the things I love.


Instead of continuing this way, not feeling as accomplished as I want to feel. I decided writing down my daily tasks could work for me. Some may look at this as more time wasted, however, I found many things that I “thought” I had to do. Between social media, emails, using my phone in general, and not optimising my time efficiently on things that have no positive effect on what I really want. I found a nice block of time I can clear to do other tasks that will have an awesome effect on my future goals.


            After taking note of where I was wasting my precious time, it was time to clear space for more efficient tasks. I decided to write up a quick easy schedule to show where I could free some time. This I found to be very satisfying, as more time than I expected revealed itself and really worked well for me.


            It was now time to take control of my time and be more effective with it. I had to start prioritising properly and put all of my goal set tasks as number one. This doesn’t mean I completely neglect the other tasks we would rather forget. I simply just stopped focusing on them. If you’re like me and get irritated when small things aren’t done, trust me it can be frustrating. However, I am always reminded of why I am doing it. I want to achieve something and be more effective for my short and long term goals.


            After prioritising my daily tasks around the goals I have set out to achieve, I was then able to see how and where I could simplify my day. Meaning I needed to take something out of my schedule completely and never bring it back. Something that isn’t always the easiest thing to do after doing for many years. But again, why was I doing this? To be effective… you got it!


 I was getting closer and closer to having a more meaningful and effective day. However, some of the big tasks I had to complete were quite large. I knew they would take some time and was slightly daunting. I’m not someone that enjoys sitting on a chair for a long period of time. Or do something until I’m bored in the face! So the next best thing I found perfect for me was to break my large tasks up into smaller mini-tasks. Not only did it help me extremely in keeping the motivation to get it done. I was achieving an accomplishment every time I did a mini task and it felt incredible. With tasks, I didn’t enjoy I sometimes found myself in a deep zone and that’s the only time I wouldn’t stop. I call that zone true focus and determination! By prioritising, batching, and breaking my tasks up. My concentration and focus level with all tasks has increased incredibly and I feel like I truly have control of my own time now and use it to my benefit.


Lack of time affects all of us in some way time and time again. But, does it really have to always be like this? If you are going to be busy, be busy smartly. Prioritise so you can also be effective. When you can, delegate your tasks to a co-worker, friend or family member to help. Their day may be less stressful and would love to help you. Try to stop yourself from taking on too much. It is very overwhelming, and easy for negativity to creep in when we feel we can’t get it all done. Break your tasks up to keep your motivation high and procrastination to a minimum. Batch your similar tasks together and get them all done using the same time block. When distractions come up acknowledge them but stay focused and concentrate on the task at hand, or what you have ahead of you. Distractions never go away remember? Deal with them when you complete your task unless it’s an emergency. Social media, personal emails and games on our phones, as one of my favourites. These can all be taken care of later, and really don’t have much effect on your goals, do they?

If you feel like I used to and want more time in your day to achieve what you actually want. It’s time to start looking at where you’re using your time and use some of these awesome ways to be more efficient. Your day won’t magically clear itself of the things that hinder your progress. Your determination, focus and will power will though. Take control of your time again, and remember if you’re busy… be effective!


Justin McMillin

4 U Body Fitness Mobile Personal Training Specialist



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