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These aren’t the ‘official’ shots but they are still showing my progression both in size and confidence. 😀 *

Fauve Grady, Cranbourne East, Victoria

I’ve always had an interest in health and fitness. But after having 4 children and a recovering from a brain tumour, I’d lost the motivation to move. My husband registered me for Tough Mudder 2012. This was what I needed, but I couldn’t do it alone. I found Tim from 4 U Body Fitness. I’d not done any exercise for over 2 years, and Tim had 6 weeks to get me ready for Tough Mudder’s 20 km commando course. We trained, and we trained hard. My first run was a slow 3km, and in 6 weeks I ran 10km. The day came for us to complete TM and I felt really confident that we’d done all we could to prepare. I finished, in tears. I was so happy of my accomplishment and felt like I had conquered the demons in my head! I needed another challenge, TM had me on a high, so I did it again in Sydney. I wanted to get over the “Berlin Walls” and Monkey Bars by my self as I was unable to do this at the last TM. Tim put me to work, and I did it, everything we had worked for, I had done!

Some other big milestones that I have reached in the 10 months I have known Tim include, being able to do full body pull ups and proper push ups, 4+min plank, 22km run, 3km run in under 15min, best and fairest at Netball, reduced my pain medication and a general feeling of accomplishment and feeling unreal!!

Now I have decided I want to make other people feel like I do. So, I have started studying for my Personal Training Certificates. I’m excited to see where this journey will take me. I have Tim and the team at 4 U Body Fitness to thank, I am looking forward to a long friendship with these great people. *

Nicole Ackerman, Langwarrin, Victoria

I started training with 4 U Body Fitness and Tim just over a year ago before my 21st birthday. Like many, I had a gym membership for years that was only used a handful of times. When my friend, who also trains with Tim, told me that we get a free session and consultation so I thought why not! Straight off the bat you could see Tim really loved his job and helping people build their self-esteem. My mum and I both agreed to start a regular group session with Tim once a week, and before long I couldn’t help but want more. I now have two regular sessions twice a week. The group, one on one and boot camps sessions are all an incredible workout!

At my first 8 week testing I hadn’t lost any weight but was stunned by my measurements. I had lost a total of 13cm. This trend continued and I soon realised it was not about the number on the scale but the centimetres! To date I have lost over 50cm across by body but only 4-5kg, I’ve also gone from a size 32 in jeans to a 28 and from always picking up a size 12-14 I bought my first size 8 last week. I always thought I’d only do personal training till I reach my goal but there is always a new goal and I don’t see myself ever stopping training with Tim. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a trainer and mentor. Tim is not just a trainer but a friend, confidant, psychologist and any other person you need that week. He has an incredible way of inspiring you and making you believe in yourself and you can do anything you want!! *

Kierra Hagedorn, Lynbrook, Victoria

Motivation to start the New Year off!

Just did put these pictures together and have noticed the difference in just 7 months! Still have work to go to get where I wanna be, but after seeing this it’s a difference to be proud of! Big thanks to the best PT ever Tim Morgan and another big thanks to Tracy Taylor for all their help couldn’t have done it without all your support and guidance!! Whoo bring on my 2013 fitness goals!!! 🙂 *

Nik Kyriacou, Beaconsfield, Victoria

After training with Tim for only six weeks doing two sessions per week, I lost 8 kilos. I looked great and felt great – I finally had the self-confidence and increased body image to wear whatever I wanted and know that I looked awesome. My boyfriend returned from overseas and almost didn’t recognise me – I loved and he loved it!!!! *

Melissa Fothergill, Cranbourne, Victoria

Tim is as good as it gets when it comes to losing weight and getting fit. Unlike most personal trainers I’ve had, Tim Goes that little bit further to make his sessions more enjoyable which really helps with motivation. I’ve had group and private sessions with Tim, both of which I have found to be great value for money as I have almost reached my target weight.
Thanks Tim *

Chantelle Perry, Cranbourne, Victoria

Having a 4 U Body Fitness personal trainer has helped me gain the knowledge I needed to be the fit and healthy person I always knew I was! … Having a personal trainer has changed my life, no more struggling with the treadmill and up and down dieting. *

Vanessa A, Cranbourne, Victoria

Thanks to Tim Coombs from 4 U Body Fitness for the amazing work he did with us. We went from being unhealthy heavy smokers and drinkers to exercising and feeling fantastic and now have the motivation to keep going with our fitness. We can’t thank you enough, you have changed our lives. *

Jay and Kristie, Carrum Downs, Victoria

November 2013
4 months and 13.4kg gone! That’s with a 2 month training program and then a 2 month stint in Europe. Not only did I keep the 2 months of effort off, but lost over another 4kg while over there.

March 2014
I’ve been overweight my whole teenage/adult life – I started gaining weight at 12 years old and no matter what I did I couldn’t lose it. You name it, I probably tried it – countless gym memberships, Tony Ferguson, Lite n Easy, Weight Watchers…

My journey with 4 U Body Fitness began in late April 2013. The past eight months had been a roller coaster with my health – I’d finally been diagnosed with a condition which helped me understand why I’d found it so hard to lose weight over the years, I had surgery and was seeing six different doctors to get on top of my health problems. I joined a gym in late November 2012 and slowly built up a fitness routine, but I needed more – motivation, assistance and guidance. One night I started googling personal trainers and the first thing I found was Tim and his team. He gave me a call pretty much right away and put me in contact with Kat, who has absolutely changed my life.

Since my diagnosis, I’ve lost nearly 30kg. But with Kat’s help I’ve lost 20kg but not only that, I’m doing things that I never dreamed I could do. I can do a push-up on my toes, burpees, pull-ups and I can keep going with her workouts and my own at gym for the full hour we train. I have a waist again, I can shop at clothing stores I used to only fantasise about but most importantly, I feel fantastic. I’ve still got a bit to go but I’ve got no doubt that with Kat and the 4 U Body Fitness team, I’ll get there.”

From Kat, her personal trainer: “If you want to be inspired by what our awesome clients are capable of, look no further than this young lady. Last night we hit 77.9kg on the scales, bringing her total loss to 27.3kg from 105.2kg. Caz has not been there since she was 12 YEARS OLD! and her amazement and complete elation brought a tear to my eye. Never been prouder, you’re incredible and an inspiration to me. She’s still going! Testament to all, never give up! *

Caroline Majdan, Endeavour Hills, Victoria

My journey to lose weight started on 1/5/13. I began this journey at first on my own with a goal of a 100 days to be good with food challenge!! I am the type of person who needs goals to achieve what I need, hence the 100 days. My motivation at the start was purely weight driven and for the first 5 weeks I ate hardly any carbs and watched everything that I ate. It was becoming a little boring. A dear friend was also starting a challenge of weight loss herself and she had said that we should try and inspire each other and keep each other on track. Lisa has recently resumed PT after a break and was telling me how great it was. Initially I was a bit dubious because of the cost involved and also I felt a little self indulgent doing it. I’m a mum of three beautiful kids and I run around a lot after them and my hubby. We have our own business which keeps us very busy day and night. I figured I’d give the 28 day challenge a go with Tim Morgan as there is no lock in contracts and I could stop whenever I wanted . I was really impressed with how my first session went. I was still not 100% convinced this was for me though. I am a pretty stubborn person so getting told what to do wasn’t easy, Tim somehow managed to train me in away that suited my personality and it didn’t feel like he was ordering me around. I really began to enjoy my sessions and liked how Tim would help set the challenges for my week ahead until our next session. By the third week I was feeling very motivated and decided that I really wanted to make a difference to my health. Tim and I discussed Tough Mudder in the first week jokingly, I was laughing at even the thought of it!! But by week 3 I was seriously contemplating doing it, We worked out realistic challenges so I could get my body ready. Tim set a challenge for me to run 3km, I truly didnt think I could do it. The next day still a little apprehensive I decided to do the run and I did it!! I was amazed and truly empowered by the feeling I got!!! In past experiences losing weight was always my goal and weighing myself daily was a must to keep myself honest. Tim from day one explained that probably wasn’t the best way to go about it, but I wasnt convinced at the time. Now Im not necessarily driven by what the scales tell me, it’s about how I feel. So by 28 days I have lost 5kgs including eating carbs and having an occasional chocolate treat. I have now committed to the challenge of getting ready to do Tough Mudder in March 2014!! Thanks so much Tim for believing in me I am truly grateful. Bring on the next 28 days!! *

Tania White, Cranbourne, Victoria

The first photo is of my about 3 years ago at my heaviest around 69kg. I’m around 64kg at the moment….I think. I haven’t had a massive weight change, my changes are more fitness, confidence & mental strength. I’m aiming for 60kg before my wedding in January 2014. *

Nicole Hornstra, Pakenham, Victoria

Awesome results from superstar client Morgan in just 11 weeks! *

Morgan Rackham, Pakenham, Victoria

Some people might think why would I get a personal trainer while house sitting for only four weeks. I started my health journey about 12 months ago and didn’t want to change my routine, I needed to stay focused. I worked out with Tim Coombs for four weeks and have achieved some great results. Never thought I would look forward to working out in my 40s. Thanks Tim for helping me stay on track and to work towards achieving my goals, you are awesome. *

Megan Sproule, Sandhurst, Victoria

My husband and I have been training with 4 U Body Fitness for about 9 months now. When we first contacted Tim and met Kat, we were both at the unhealthiest weight we had ever been. My husband was about to be commenced on medication for hypertension at the age of 32 and I was carrying a lot of additional weight after having just had a baby. It would be an understatement to say that training with Kat has changed our lives around. Our journey has not been easy, the weight loss has been slow and the lifestyle changes tough to make, but 9 months later the change in us is astounding. Our friends and family have been amazed by what we have achieved but no one more so than us. More importantly, our results have been so much more beyond just weight and inch loss. We have improved so much in our general fitness that we now have the energy to keep up and play with our 20 month old daughter. And the best thing of all is that we now know we are setting the best possible example for her to lead a happy, healthy life. We still have a long way to go before we achieve our goals but we don’t see ourselves ever stopping training with Kat as this is now a way of life for us, rather than a just a number to get to. We would highly recommend 4 U Body Fitness and especially Kat for anyone looking to make this change in their lives. Thank you Kat, and thank you 4 U Body Fitness!!! *

Deepa and Yogi, Lyndhurst, Victoria

Tim Coombs was absolutely inspirational with his patience and persistence training me 3 times a week. Going from being very unfit and completely unmotivated, I found pleasure in actually meeting Tim at my door at 6am to train. I was so pleased with my fitness and energy levels, which I can only thank Tim for, he is completely devoted to making you feel positive and motivated to strive harder and reach your personal goals. Thanks Tim you are Awesome! *

Jane Hill, Pakenham, Victoria

We have been working with Jake for a while and he never fails us. He is always there to help and push us over the line, with our food and with our training he is there to help us.
He is not just our PT he is now our friend and one we value close to us as he is the one that helps us reach our goal. His program is never the same is we always look forward to what he will bring as our next challenge.
Looking forward to spend a lot more sessions with this wonder Personal trainer and would not be able to do it with anyone else as HE MAKES IT WORTH IT he never judges us and knows when we are not our self that takes true commitment.
A+++++++++++++++++++++++++ to Jake Kostrzewa *

Tim Brooks and Erin Jones, Cranbourne, Victoria

Many of you may not know this, but I started my weight loss in late 2010. Not sure what the exact reason was but I decided to start losing weight. I had no specific goals apart from getting slim, so a friend of mine took me to the 1000 Steps in Ferntree Gully. I become hooked and started going there every day. My goal was to get up these steps without having to rest and over time it slowly started becoming easier.
I participated in my first event in February 2011 – this was the MS ride, which was only 40KM around Melbourne. I felt like I was dying during the ride but it was a huge accomplishment for someone that had never done any exercise, let alone ride like this.
By July 2011 I had lost over 40 kilograms and I was able to do this with the help of my family, friends and my co-worker Nicole. These people were always there to support me through this journey – especially Nicole who was my self-control when I wanted to eat hot chips at work!
I decided to start running. I found this enjoyable and also calming – my first run was back in April and was only 1.35 KM. Running become an addiction and at my peak I was running around 100 KM a week. I have participated in many events during this time such as the “City to Surf” – 14 KM run from Sydney’s CDB finishing at Bondi Beach, ”Great Train Race” – 13.5 Km Run through the Dandenong’s against Puffing and Billy and “Run 4 the Kids” – 15.5 Km Run through Melbourne which I would suggest everyone should try. Reading through fitness magazines I came across the Eureka Tower run that entails climbing 1642 steps to level 88 of the building. My goal for this run is to break the 10 Minute mark, which is still a work in progress. This is one of the goals that I’m currently working on.
Nicole suggested I try 4 U Body Fitness. Nicole would often talk about the great sessions and fun she had, even though after each session she would walk funny and continuously complain she was in pain. I contacted Tim and it was suggested that I attend a booster that weekend. And so I did. It was a very interesting session and I was unable to move for a couple of days afterwards. Thanks to 4 U Body Fitness, I realised I had no strength and was unable to even complete a push up, so I signed up for boot camp in February 2013. I have enjoyed many great sessions and have met some amazing people, making some great friendships in the process.
I have recently taken up PT again with my amazing trainer Skye. We are working together to find my non-existent six-pack – which I want so badly. I’m really enjoying her expertise and knowledge even though my weakness is my love for chocolate and cakes – I keep getting told six-packs are made in the kitchen.
Finally, I would also like to thank all the trainers I have met during the last couple of years for the amazing work and enjoyable sessions. Without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today. *

Luis Fabres before and after

Luis Fabres, Senior Customer Service Officer – 2IC

I wanted to express my most heartfelt thanks for everything 4 U Body Fitness has taught me, given me and shown me throughout the past 12 months. Your lovely smiles and positivity is infectious and the impact you have all had on me has been both inspirational and absolutely life changing.

For me, deciding to participate in Bootcamp was not to do with being fitter, faster and stronger. It was not to do with losing weight (although I knew I had many kilos to loose and many wobbly bits that needed to be toned) and my aim was certainly never to be the best at something or the first across the finish line (those kind of things do not motivate me) The reason I started Bootcamp was to do something positive to change my life, to find something that made me feel better about myself on the inside and out, and to challenge myself to do something that I have never ever done before.

At 27 years of age, I joined 4 U Body Fitness. With absolutely not fitness level or experience. (What’s a burpee? What is this bear crawl?) I had no confidence or self esteem. I had spent all of my adolescence and most of my adult life, being bulled, ostracized, excluded and made to feel worthless and never good enough. Because of this, I made poor life decisions, missed out on opportunities and became an emotional eater. A cycle that would consume me, made me anxious at times but mostly depressed.

After a messy break up I decided to change my life so I contact 4U Body fitness. What I have gained from boot camp was so much more than I ever expected…  I have been taught so many things. How to make my body stronger; and I learnt to be strong on the inside too. I have been taught how essential it is to look after my mind and my body; and I learned that I am important as well. I can run further and faster; and I learnt to keep going and not give up and always make it over the finish line! I now know what it means to enjoy exercise; and I have learnt that exercise makes me feel so much better. 4 U Body Fitness has taught me to believe in myself and think that “I can” and I eventually learned that I could. I now know and
practice the importance of good nutrition; and I learned how to be healthier and happier. I try hard and always do my best; and I learned to persevere and that I can improve. But most importantly I have learnt to have confidence in myself, to accept who I am and to enjoy life.

Today I find myself participating in challenges, attending a booster sessions and also attending social events and dinners with other boot campers and trainers. I am definitely not the shy, self conscious person I was when I started.

My piece of advice for anyone who is starting boot camp is you have to go whole heartedly into anything in order to achieve anything worth having. I have never been happier or healthier in my life and can prove to myself that I am a fighter and not a quitter.

Thank you to everyone at 4 U body fitness. You helped me make the fantasy the reality! *
Nicole Goldsmith before and after

Nicole Goldsmith

When I bought these pants they were very tight but I refused to go up a size because I was upset with the reality of my weight. When I chose to loose weight and look for a personal trainer I am glad that I came to 4 U Body Fitness. They were kind and Tim worked hard to find a trainer best suited for me. They helped me build habits to not only loose weight but keep the weight off. *

Bridget Green Now and Then

Bridget Green, Somerville

Working with 4 U body fitness is more than just working out, they genuinely care about you and go above and beyond to ensure your success. Tim is a great trainer but also great at helping you set the right mindset and keeping you motivated in all aspects of your life. *

Emily Robert before and after

Emily Roberts, Cranbourne North

For me fitness and weightloss have always been something I have struggled always with, along with continual injuries. I had often thought about personal training, but my injuries were always a huge barrier. Until I found 4UBF, speaking with Tim about their programs and the 4UBF trainers reassured me that it would be possible to commence personal training. Since training I have had more injuries, but 4UBF has been fantastic in supporting my recovery and maintaining fitness. The support from all the trainers along with the online community is fantastic and a definite plus about 4UBF. *

Lucy Donahue, Frankston Sth

4 U Body Fitness has an awesome personal training team that I would recommend to anyone who needs to stay motivated & reach personal goals! The team is always enthusiastic with every training session & always helps me push through. If I was having a low day they would always find a way to boost my energy & enjoy my sessions.
Every session has plenty of variety which keeps it interesting & fun. They are great at setting individualized exercise programs that are challenging yet achievable.
The team was able to help with fantastic meal plans that included some awesome recipes & was always approachable to any questions about food, meal plans, iron & protein etc.
Since starting Personal Training with 4 U Body Fitness, my energy levels have increased immensely, I have gained knowledge in diet & I have an extremely wide range of knowledge on different varieties of training & exercises & learnt to always strive for personal goals.
If you’re looking to change your life & meet personal goals that you never thought you would but at the same time have fun, learn new things & stay motivated then 4 U Body Fitness is your answer! *

Rachel Dillon

I started Personal Training with 4UBodyFitness when I was 16 weeks pregnant as I was determined to stay fit & healthy through my pregnancy & attending boot camp was no longer an option.
4UBodyFitness was fantastic at providing the prenatal personal attention I needed during my training sessions, ensuring that my training was closely monitored to avoid over doing it for the recommended pregnant lady! At times I found myself frustrated at how little I could do without my Heart rate going through the roof, but 4UBodyFitness’s bubbly personality always found a positive out of all of our exercises & found varieties of exercises that I could do that monitored my heart rate perfectly.
4UBodyFitness provided individual programs for me to be able to exercise safely outside of training sessions & was always open to any questions & queries I had & able to offer great advice!
I believe my training sessions with 4UBodyFitness have helped me cope with the changes my body has gone through during pregnancy & will be a benefit to prepare for labor as they have helped me stay fit & healthy.
I highly recommend 4UBodyFitness to anyone who is looking for a safe & effective way to stay fit & healthy during your pregnancy. I know I could not have achieved the level of fitness and wellness through my pregnancy without them. *

Maddy Bradley, first time expecting mum
* Disclaimer: These testimonials are the individual results of 4 U Body Fitness Clients and have been supplied freely as an account of their personal experience with 4 U Body Fitness PT. 4 U Body Fitness points out that individual results can vary. Results may vary based on each patient’s physical health, diet and exercise, and strict adherence to the 4 U Body Fitness weight loss program.
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