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Client spot light! Emmanunal 24kgs down!

A huge congratulations to superstar client Emmanual on his journey so far! He isn’t finished yet but we couldn’t wait to share his experience! 


Its been a long road so far but I’m far from finished. My journey started in October 2017 and I weighed 155kg and I was totally nervous and a bit scared as well. I started initially to hopefully lose weight, change my life as well as that my wife and I were trying to have a baby but with no luck after two years of trying.

But then I met this wonderful and amazing lady her name is Gemma. Gemma is so supportive and kind and very, very funny. She will make you smile when you are sad as well as keeping you going when you have nothing left to give. She is tough but she is compassionate as well. She has so many great qualities which makes her a great PT and I would have no trouble recommending her to anyone that wants a trainer.

Currently I have lost nearly 24kg and I’m not finished yet my goal is to finally get to 100kg as my first goal and then who knows. My eating habits have totally changed as well as my diet which Gemma does an amazing job at helping with nutrition. To start with its hard but once you get into a routine its great and as I said Gemma is fantastic.

Well I hope to train again with Gemma in the future when our IVF miracle is over. I am eternally grateful for all of Gemma’s help and I cannot thank her enough for everything.



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