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Your 12 Week Bikini Body Post #1!

Your 12 Week Bikini Body Post #1!


With all of the hype over 12 week “bikini body” Transformations, we thought we would break down their programs and let you have the “secrets” of how to get a 12 week bikini body for free!

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Over the next 8 weeks we are going to go through key elements of what you need to do and how you can make it succeed for you!


The key elements of a 12 weeks challenge for you to be successful are;


  • Goal setting
  • Motivational tools
  • Specifically designed exercise routines
  • Time efficient work outs
  • Optimizing your nutrition so that you become a fat burning machine
  • Knowing your calorie intake
  • Staying motivated through the journey
  • Dealing with plateaus
  • Guaranteeing your success


Goal Setting – If you can dream it you can do it!


Our first step in getting a hot, sexy bikini body that stops traffic and causes accidents on the road is simple, know what you want to achieve – set your goals!


Be clear and concise on your target weight/shape so that you can then hone in and focus on what your after, then program and plan accordingly.


There is a reason that these programs are 12 weeks and that is because if we are talking rapid significant changes that is how long it takes, so if you are considering starting your Bikini body challenge in November again good luck the latest you want to get started is September. If you’re looking to lose more than 6-8kgs (about 1 dress size) you will need to start sooner!


Whenever working out what your goals are write it out on a piece of paper or on a whiteboard so you can then work back from there.


Your goal might start off as “I want to lose weight and tone up”, you can just imagine how many times we have heard this one!



Fantastic I say now lets get specific! Goal setting rule number 1 Be specific.

This means I want to lose 10kgs and be a size 8 OR I want to look like I did in this photo three years ago OR I want to have 6 pack abs, clear defined lines in my arms and No more tuck shop lady wavers!



Making sure that you have some form of weight or size attached to it makes our goal measurable and we come to rule number 2. Make your goal Measurable

By having a goal that we can measure we can more easily track our progress, it gives us a higher level of accountability and you know exactly when you have achieved your goal.



Speaking of accountability have all your goals time bound!smart-goals

Goal setting rule number 3 All goals should be time bound. This means my goal changes to “lose 10kgs and drop a size in 12 weeks”. We can then set targets to hit along the way, be 5kgs down by week 4, 7.5kgs by week 8 and then 10kgs by week 12.



We then need our goals to be realistic and achievable and that brings us to our final rule of goal setting – Have realistic and achievable goals! If your goal is to lose 25 kgs and you only weigh 65kgs your goal is probably neither unless your about 4foot tall.  If you’re looking to lose 10kgs (which is achievable) but want to do it in the next 2 weeks (not realistic) the goal you have chosen will be unattainable and end in failure.


A great way to work out how long it is going to take you to lose weight in particular is to go with a basic  guide of .5kg to 1kg a week, this can be achieved with well balanced nutrition and targeting 30-45 minutes of exercise per day! This is a general guide and each case is slightly different, if you add in cheat meals and skip work outs it will take longer!



Goal setting for your bikini body this year

  • Be Specific
  • Be Measurable
  • Have Realistic and Achievable Goals
  • Be Time Bound


Go and write your goals down in this format right now do not procrastinate, action delivers success (which we will go into for you over the next few weeks)


Next week we will be releasing our next blog in the series motivational tools – staying focused and motivated all the way through to the end!


You probably already have these but if your looking for some of our best fat melting tips and can’t wait to the end of this series  go to our home page and put your e-mail in to get our 7 Best Fat Melting Secrets!


Stay Awesome!


Tim Morgan

4 U Body Fitness

Mobile Personal Training Specialists








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