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How do you know if you have an expert Personal Trainer?

The things Great Personal Training Businesses and Personal Trainers need do to help get the best out of their clients!

This blog is for those who are looking to start doing personal training and what they should be expecting from their trainers. This is also for personal trainers out there that are aspiring to take their training ability to the next level!

Does your Personal Training Company take time to sit down with you and assess your current situation and match you to a customizable program?

So many times we sit down with new clients who have previously started a training program and have not been correctly assessed. Due to this they may have had an injury early on which has then had the effect of demotivating them, they then continue to try and push through this injury without being correctly advised to see the proper health professional and continue to cause further damage. It is so important that a Personal Trainer, regardless of their experience, understand that the journey is not about you as the trainer but is 100% about the client. Personal Trainers need to understand that it is always in the new client’s best interest to be referred to the appropriate specialists, and then make contact and work with the specialist, to achieve the goals that you have set.

We are all different and lets face it there are 10,000 different ways to lose weight and achieve results, especially with the internet making so much valuable information (and rubbish) more accessible. It is now so important that we as trainers custom build individual programs. One size does not fit all when it comes to individual goals, and your Personal Trainer should be taking the time and effort to create a program that will work for you. Furthermore, your trainer needs to be continually updating your program as you get fitter, faster, stronger and lighter!

Are you matched to your trainer correctly?


So many Personal Trainers believe they can help everyone! This is NOT TRUE. Well, you can to some degree but not to a high level; the whole jack of all trades but master of none comes to mind. You need to be matched with a trainer that is going to work well with your personality, someone you like and trust, so that you are comfortable enough to allow them to get inside your head to rearrange it and put it back together so that you can be motivated to make the necessary changes to achieve your goals! Specialist Trainers know how to work with certain personality types and can get them all the way to the end of their journey (maintenance phase) consistently, client after client. With years of experience this is what we have been working towards. We have now got a system that allows you to be matched with the perfect trainer for you almost every time (and a system in place with a guarantee if we get wrong)!

Are they helping you set short term and long term goals?

Goal setting is the most important task you need to complete. At first it might feel like a waste of time sitting down discussing this when you could be up and training, but you need direction and focus all the time if you are going to be serious about getting real results. Your Personal Trainer should be constantly helping you set new long term goals and targets and short term goals that will help you get there!

Your journey is way more than just one or two weekly smashing’s, are they offering their support during the week?

It is so important that you are just not handed a program or meal plan and left to your own devices. If it were that easy you would have already done it! Great Personal Trainers will help you keep accountable, they will send you text messages, build support networks you can tap into with like minded individuals, allow you to call and text them, and work on updating and creating complete guides on how you can achieve amazing results! They will take the time to access your nutrition and help with at least basic guidance and take a holistic approach to your results.

Smashing you every single week will not get you amazing results. Sure it might feel like you are achieving something, but this is only effective in the short-term. Building a knowledgeable program that will empower you to stay focused, motivated, help you improve function and make you physically and mentally stronger, this will help you get results – 5,000 burpees will just make you not want to show up next week!


Does your trainer go above and beyond what you would expect from the average personal trainer?

Above all, Personal Trainers need to care for their clients, be competitive about getting results, constantly up-skilling their knowledge, and then passing on as much of that knowledge to as many people possible! Your trainer should “wow” you with the things they do for you. Your new trainer after all will become a friend, a coach, a supporter, and your inspiration!

We at 4 U Body Fitness hope this helps you in making the decision on getting the results you deserve!

Stay Awesome

Tim Morgan
Director 4 U Body Fitness
Mobile Personal Training Specialists

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