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Eliminate a Self Sabotaging Belief Using Just Minutes A Day

You are your own worst enemy

Today I wanted to move away from the usual exercise and food information that we give out and focus on another element of your journey that is imperative to get right and that is your mind! We are going to explore one strategy that I have been made aware of recently that has a proven track record for helping people change limiting beliefs into newly formed beliefs that will help them achieve success! First of all we have to understand what we would consider a limiting belief or program that we run on a consistent basis. Have you ever heard yourself say or think – “I am not an organised person”, “I always run late”, “I am not a fit person”, “I don’t eat rabbit food”, “I don’t have time”. It is lines like these that highlight our limiting beliefs. We have them ingrained in us typically from a young age and you can explore the origins if you like and that can help overcome such beliefs however it is not necessary for the strategy we are going to work with today.


Beliefs are very ingrained in our sub-conscious and effect the way we think and feel, and therefore determine and influence our choices and actions. We establish our own beliefs and wether positive or negative we defend them aggressively, and reinforce them constantly, causing a belief reinforcing cycle.

It works like this –

Sub-conscious belief – Influenced Action – Consequence that reinforces belief
This belief will then lead to actions and choices that will eventually reinforce your belief. Let me explain;

I don’t have time to exercise – Get up late rush around go to work, work all day, come home cook dinner, do some cleaning, organize kids, and yourself for the next day, sit down watch tv go to bed late – Didn’t have time to exercise.

But really we have just failed to time manage and we physically do have time to exercise even if it is just 30 minutes a day. We also know because of the mass amount of information that 30 minutes a day of exercise will actually give you more energy and increase your productivity, and create more time for you.

So to solve this problem logically we have two options here. 1. Go to bed a little earlier so to not lose sleep. 2. Set your alarm a little earlier to organize your 30 minutes of Training time in the morning.

Simple right?

Enter limiting belief I don’t have time to exercise. We know we should, we know why and still we don’t!

Damn you sub conscious mind!!The-AHA-Moment-Moving-Past-Mental-Blocks

Once you have recognized your belief and discovered your solution (even though right now you utilizing your solution is not happening you still need one to use and practice) we then want to start changing your belief, in this case the fact we don’t have time to exercise.

Step 1: Tell everyone of your plan and your new belief system so that they can help reinforce the new belief system that you are creating! The more people that can reinforce your belief.

Step 2: Start talking to those whom are keeping you accountable about whether or not you have followed your new plan, if you haven’t followed your plan for that day enter our “ NEW IDEA”***. Our magic line to create the new idea is “That was unlike me.”

For example you get up late, when you realize that you will be unable to do what you planned say the words “that is unlike me”

When you tell your friends and family that you didn’t exercise this morning all they need to say is “that is unlike you!” this will put the new idea in and start creating and reinforcing the new belief system.

Step 3: Repeat and practice. This will not change your belief over night, and that shouldn’t be your expectation as most of us have been reinforcing limiting beliefs for years. It will take a few short months of practice but you will be getting better and better at it as you go along!

***The New idea will help you develop your own new belief. Because it is just an idea it will allow you to develop your own new belief that you will then own and defend. This option moves away from being told what to do or being negatively reinforced for “failing”


Now its time to take some action choose a limiting belief to change! Then e-mail it to me ( tell your friends, facebook, twitter, Instagram whatever you need to do to get it out to the world!

Then practice for 100 days in a row and watch the magic unfold! For those who need a little more convincing it is 27.4% of a year and is only a 0.32% of your entire life!

Are you willing to devote 0.32% of your life to change the rest of it forever?

Good Luck

Stay Awesome!

Tim Morgan
Director of 4 U Body Fitness
Mobile Personal Training Specialists

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