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Your 12 Week Bikini Body Post #3

Your 12 Week Bikini Body Post #3!


 Specifically designed exercise routines Part 1 of 3 – Intro and beginners! 


A major part in losing weight is actually putting time effort and energy into creating the body of your dreams through planing and executing time efficient and effective work outs! With so many different opinions out there how do you cut through the crap and work out what is going to be the best for you! 

 Mobile Personal Training Specialists

Our personal recommendation is to start at a beginner level and work through to advanced exercises. You will burn less kilojoules at the beginner level but you will be more motivated through progression and have a much less chance of injury from “going to hard to soon”! 


Make sure you always WARM UP and COOL DOWN – These maybe the “boring bits however they are an integral part of the work out itself and when allocating time for your workouts your should be making sure you have at least 5 mins for your warm up at the start and 5 minutes for your cool down at the end! For a comprehensive warm up sequence that you can use for any work out is here  – Warming Up For Maximum Results.

Today our focus is on a beginner routine for achieving a bikini body body! As we are mobile Personal Training Specialists this will be a Mobile PT routine that you can do with items from your own home! 

This is a Fantastic Beginner Circuit that should be done twice per week!

45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest, 2 sets per exercise  

Push ups




Inverted Rows (if you have something you can hang off, Primary schools and local parks normally have low lying bars that you can use)

Personal Training Hampton Park


Seated V

High Knees on the spot


Reverse Crunches

Get as many reps as possible with good technique to get the best results! 

Once you can get through this routine comfortably then you can move onto the next workout! 


Stay Posted over the next couple of weeks as we post our “how to for exercises” up! 


Stay Awesome!


Tim Morgan

4 U Body Fitness

Mobile Personal Training Specialists








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