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The Action Plan!

This is one of our secret weapons of success and it is something that i don’t just use for my clients and myself for training goals but i implement this system for success across my whole life! The aim is to take the information we collected in your goals settin g and now put in a plan so that we can achieve it! Your Action Plan must consist of six main parts; 

1. Habitual – You must do one small thing every day to take a step forward to your goal. The more you add health and fitness into your daily routine and the longer it is in there you, the less resistance you will have to doing it. It will become second nature for you to be fit and healthy


2. Flexibility – Your action plan needs to be a little flexible – our goals will change, we may be doing better than we though or you may have overestimated your ability either way you need to be able to adjust if this is the case! Note: adjusting your action plan doesn’t mean that you are failing or that you cant achieve what you set out to achieve it may just mean it take a little longer we need to find another way to do it. 


3. Motivation – You need to be constantly motivated to pursue your goals make sure you have not only rewards but other incentives and motivators along the way! Pain points are very important as motivation as well. Make sure you have reminders of what originally got you started so that you don’t get complacent and fall back there.


4. Rewards – These will be at milestones in your action plans, remember the fact that you are even working towards achieving your goals is awesome and you need to be rewarded – this can be in the form of giving your self a gift, going and getting a massage, going to the movies, Going to an event, play your favourite video game, Get your nails done etc. 


5. Steps – Make sure you have everything written in detail that you need to achieve. For example if it is just a walk you need to do it should look like this – Walk At Cranbourne botanic gardens for 5kms with the aim of completion to 45 minutes, Tuesday’s at 4pm


6. Knowledge – Do you need any to talk to friends, family, doctors, trainers, google. What information do you need to find out to make sure you are going to achieve your desired result – you don’t have to be an expert at what your trying to achieve you just need to be an expert in finding experts! 


Now you have an idea about how to write your action plan lets start designing it! We have a Template set up here for you to start designing your own action plan! 


 Download your Action Plan Template For Free Here 

Action Plan template


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