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AMRAP Work Out Number 9

AMRAP 9 This is one to remember really simple in fact this is the simplest one we have ever done! This is also one of the training methods I have used to compete in events like Tough Mudder, The Tough Bloke Challenge and even as an essential part of my Pre-season Basketball training for BIG V (A Small Shout Out to My Boys Over at The Casey Cavaliers!)

running guy2 

This is called the “Running Man” and it is all about covering distance using interval training. One of the fastest ways to decrease unwanted body fat is through high intensity interval training and this hits it on the head, if you can’t run do a walk/jog, or you can take this principle on a bike or in the pool! 


The goal as is to cover as much distance in the allocated time as possible! Make sure you e-mail me your result or post it up on our Facebook pages!


5 minute warm up – High knees, Butt kicks, walking Lunges, Squats, Grape vine, side shuffles. Each exercise for about 45 seconds at 50-70% max speed  


What you need to do is flat out sprint for 1 minute, then walk for 60 seconds and repeat 10 times! 

Make sure your breathing, suck the air in on this one guys you need that oxygen especially coming into sprints 6-10!


This one is a great workout and it is all about what you put in, lets see what you have got!!!



Use a tracking app on your like map my run, or run keeper to help track your results (I like to do this particular workout every couple of weeks to make sure my level of conditioning is staying high! 


Stay Awesome Guys!


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