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Hydrate to lose weight!


Did you know that you need to consume at least 1/3 of your body weight in kgs divided by 10 equals how much water you should be consuming per day. For example if you weigh in at 60kgs total water intake equals 1/3 of 60 = 20 / 10 = 2 therefore you should be consuming 2 litres of water per day! Furthermore you need an extra 1litre per hour of intense exercise!


Water makes up over 2/3rds of your body and is used in almost every single function including the lubrication of joints used in transferring energy in cells and in brain function! Need more reasons to start drinking water?


If you are dehydrated your body is going to retain excess water causing bloating! Drink more water and you will look thinner!


Water is also proven to make you look younger!


But wait there is more According to ReviveYour Life, a study conducted at the University of Washington found that drinking one glass of water eliminated midnight hunger pains in 98%of subjects!


Water also gives you more energy due to the efficiency your body can run at whilst hydrated again helping you get through the temptation of afternoon snacks! 


So the big question now is have you had your glass of water today ?


Stay Awesome Guys! 


Tim Morgan

Specialist in Mobile Personal Training!

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