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AMRAP WorkOut Number 9

Today I have something special for you, One of Our 4 U Body Fitness Mobile Personal Training Specialists has requested that he post a AMRAP Work Out and how could I possibly deny that! So a big thanks to Jake Krostezewa for this awesome Fat Burning workout! 




30 Minutes as many times as you can go through! 

10 X 10-20kg Weighted  Squats (if you don’t have any weights 2 bags of potatoes, 3litre milk cartons, Something big bad and heavy that you can find around the house)

T Push-Ups X 20

Inverted rows X 10

Alternating Jump Lunges X20

Alligator Crawl 30m With 10 burpees (chest to floor) every 10m

1 X Suicide 5-10-15-20m markers (If you don’t have that much room go up shuttle run with what room you have for 40seconds)


A Big Thank You to Jake K For This Awesome Work Out! 


Stay Awesome Guys! 

Tim Morgan

4 U Body Fitness Mobile Personal Training Specialists!

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