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The Beginning!


Normally each month we talk about a clients journey with 4 U Body Fitness but this month I am going to share my own journey. The challenge I have set myself scares and excites me at the same time. I am not doing this for anyone but myself but I was told that this would be something great to share and I totally agree. 


I have one goal and one goal only to complete the program.


I believe with any lifestyle change you make it is very important that you talk about the why and not just those beautiful benefits but the heart and soul of why you are going to embark on the journey.

We at 4 U Body Fitness are leaders in the health and fitness community and we have done a great job with an amazing team and an awesome client base to help effect many lives. But now it needs to be bigger, now we need to take it not to the next level but to the top level. It is important that to do this that I am running on all cylinders all of the time. Eliminating illness and fatigue are too of my top priorities and that will eliminate a lot of excuses that have popped up for me in the past. It is also really important that you constantly take yourself to new levels, physically and mentally, and after some weeks on holidays, my diet and exercise has been quite non-existent and it time to reshape the body that will carry me through the next 50 plus years of my life. It is also really important to me that I am genuinely happy and energetic for the people that I choose to have in my life and in my experience this is the best way to make that happen!



With that in mind the benefits of completing the program will be – increased energy, focus and productivity. Are leaner, stronger sexier figure. To set an example for my team, you my clients and my friends and family!   


I have invested in a dietician to help with the food side of things and I have three amazing work out partners to help me through as well. 


The Program –




3 to 5 body weight strength and conditioning sessions. basketball once per week (2 games in one night one easy one hard) 1-2 low rep strength sessions. 

I am using a combination of Zach even-esh’s Bodyweight body building program, Basketball, and a 4 U Body Fitness Strength and Pre-hab program and this will take care of increasing my muscle mass, boost my metabolism, aid with stability and activation of joints and surrounding muscles and increase my overall conditioning. This will also give me a great emotional outlet and allow me to focus on the tasks at hand.  

This is a very high volume training program and I would not recommend any kind of program like this to someone who is inexperienced or has not done versions of this kind of training before. If mistakes are made there is a high risk of injury including overtraining related injuries. 


“Do what others won’t, to get results that they can’t”




As mentioned I have seen a dietician and here is basic overview of what i will be eating. 

Breakfast – green shake (3 different green vegetables, and a half pear or carrot with ice and water) 

Snack – 20grams of protein from powder, 250ml of full cream milk, scoop of lsa and a banana with ice

Lunch – 2 serves of carbs, half plate of protein and half plate of veg

Snack – 200g of yoghurt with nuts

Dinner – half plate of vegetables and half protein 

*** eat 4 different coloured vegetables each day

Drink 2.5Litres of water as a minimum 

“Be the change you want to see in the world”


Mind set


Read and review my goal book each night

Miracle Morning – Glass of water, brush teeth, shower, breakfast. Read affirmations and visualise tasks that need to be completed for the day. Take 5 minutes in silence to centre myself. Read goals to get pumped and go!!  


“If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”


Success in anything that you start is never guaranteed and that is why life is a roller coaster of success and failures. I don’t expect to get this right all the time but I do expect that I do everything in my power to give it one hell of a crack! 


Starting stats  


Arms L 29.5, R 31

Chest 94.5

Belly 80

Hips 89.5

Bum 100

Thighs L 56 R 57

Calves L 37.5 R 36.5


Weight – 71.1kgs

Body Fat – 13.5kgs

Muscle – 29.36kgs

Bone – 17.9kgs

Hydration – 55.6% 


Daily Energy Levels – 4/10 (self rated) 


rhs Tim Morgan before Front Tim Morgan Before LHS Tim Morgan Before Back Tim Morgan Before

I look forward to jumping in head first into this journey! And I hope this gives you the inspiration to take your next step too!!

Have an awesome day!


Tim Morgan

4 U Body Fitness Mobile Personal Training Specialist!


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