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Benefits of having a Mobile Personal Trainer – Part 3 Turning on the success switches in your mind!

Benefits of having a Mobile Personal Trainer – Part 3


Turning on the success switches in your mind!


We have mentioned the physical benefits of having a Mobile Personal Trainer. Things that are obvious and seen; showing up to train and motivate you, giving you a food and exercise diary and contacting you regularly, but how does all this benefit you psychologically?


Well, firstly exercise itself has many proven mental benefits. It reduces stress, boosts happy chemicals and energy as it releases endorphins and can improve self-confidence and worth through sense of achievement. It also prevents cognitive decline by boosting chemicals that support and prevent degeneration of an area of the brain important for memory and learning. It can help control additions and appetite too. Many clients have commented on their Mobile Personal Training sessions have been important as ‘their time.’ Something that is scheduled in and not revolving around kids, their partner, housework or work, but just them. They can let go of all else and immerse themselves in a session that is focusing on improving their physical and mental strength.


Aside from the actual sessions and exercise program, there is a huge psychological benefit of having your own Mobile Personal Trainer. Someone to motivate and encourage you, yes, but more so it is to have someone to be a constant support to you. You are no longer alone through your struggles and insecurities, you have someone to lean on. That creates enormous psychological benefits. You can now question an expert about anything within their realm. Get advice, ask for help, celebrate with in your conquests, and work with when you fall down to help you up. They are your health and fitness companion. You were psychologically benefit from this form of companion similarly to other forms, by merely having someone to share your journey with and not being alone anymore.

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