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Benefits of having a Mobile Personal Trainer – Part 2 The How, What, Where and Why Outside Of Personal Training

Benefits of having a Mobile Personal Trainer – Part 2


The How, What, Where and Why Outside Of Personal Training

Part of the Mobile Personal Training service is to have a program to undertake in conjunction with your training session/s. This program written by your Mobile Personal Trainer is key to your ongoing results and success. As with the individual sessions, the program is specifically crafted for the client to best suit their lifestyle. Their work hours, personal responsibilities, time available, possible health concerns, eating habits, fitness, desired body weight and deadlines are all considered when creating the program.


This program and contact you have with your Mobile Personal Trainer throughout each week, illustrates the ongoing benefits of the Mobile Personal Training service that extends beyond the hour or two spent with your trainer in your session/s.


Your Mobile Personal Trainer should be seen more as a partner that you are sharing this health and fitness journey with. They will contact you to see how you’re feeling after your session, confirm upcoming sessions and check on your progress of weekly actions. All these points of contact and actions are premeditated and vital to ensuring you stay on track and that the overall program is suiting your needs and goals. If you are constantly missing sessions, pulling up overly fatigued or falling short of your weekly actions, then the program is not working and needs to be reassessed. This is all part of ensuring your goals are met and that the service continues to be the most effective way of getting to them.


With the Mobile Personal Training system, an action plan is devised at the very beginning of your journey. This is the first step in developing sessions and the program and is the benchmark to revisit to ensure all is on track and determine if anything needs to be adjusted. Setting measurable, realistic goals from day 1 is incredibly important as it gives an end point to strive for. Or else, how do you know what you are trying to achieve or when you do achieve it? Your Mobile Personal Trainer will assist you in making these goals and determine safe strategies to get you there. Then will track your habits and provide encouragement along the way. This is all via the sessions themselves, through an exercise and nutrition diary where you record your habits, or purely through contact as mentioned above.

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