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AMRAP Work Out Number 12!


AMRAP Work Out Number 12!


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Hey Guys!


Quick fact before we start, we are now 3 months into our AMRAP work outs and typically in a 12 week period we would be aiming to at least 6kgs down! If losing 6kgs would make a difference to your life click here



This week we are doing 4 rounds of tabata – tabata uses a ratio of 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest for 4 minute blocks. At the end of each block we are going to change exercise


Mixed Grip Push ups: Alternating every rep change your hand position, this can be closer, further, higher lower, the most important part is that you keep it moving! 


Jump Squats: Every rep should be as high as you possibly can jump. Once you have landed you then want to get your knees down to a 90 degree bend and then explode up again


Over and Under inverted rows:  What I need you to do here is have one hand facing you and the other hand facing away, each set of 20 seconds you will change grip.


Crawl outs: This exercise will require you to start standing walk out on your hands as far as your hands can go imitating a push up like position, then walking your hands all the way back 


How did you guys go? Write down those scores for each set! Don’t forget to test yourself again in 4 weeks to see how much you’ve improved!


Stay Awesome Guys!


Tim Morgan


Mobile Personal Training Specialist


4 U Body Fitness


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