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AMRAP Work Out Number 13


AMRAP Work Out Number 13!


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Hey Awesomites 


Lucky Number 13 and you are lucky indeed, this workout is a one that i did with a few of Australia’s leading personal trainers, lets just say if you where to be apart of this session it would have cost you more than $800, and I am going to post it for free! Don’t tell the fellas! I wont if you won’t!



This work out is separated into 4 parts and has alternatives for those who don’t have any equipment 


Part 1 No BS! 


45 seconds work 15 seconds rest for 2 rounds


Push up to pike: Feet on a swiss ball push up then draw your knees into your chest and repeat. ALT: Push up then half Burpee (Just the jumping of the legs into your chest whilst in the push up position) 


Dumbbell Clean and Jerk: Technique is paramount! Keep your core muscles engaged at all times. ALT: Donkey Kicks – This is the little flick you do to push into a handstand  alternating legs each time


Lat Pull Down: Stay strong through the core, and work on not swinging your back. ALT: Inverted row – with a supinated grip (palms facing you)  


Box Jumps: Using a Box or bench that is about knee height jump up onto it and then back down. ALT: Tuck Jumps – Jumping as high as you can lifting your knee’s into your chest


Part 2 Nothing but RAW Burn!


One arm Dumbbell row: keep your core tight and your back parallel with the floor lifting at a 12 rep max back to back for 2 sets. Timed. ALT : Chin ups for 12 reps – incorporate a 5 second lowering phase on each of them


Crawl Outs with Spider Push ups: Start standing walk out on your hands until you are in a push up position, do two spider push ups (one each side) and then walk back to start. As many as you can in the time it took you to do the rows! 


Go through two sets! 


Part 3 4 U Awesome! 


Frog stand: 90 seconds of “play” trying to hold the position for as long as possible

one legged tuck jumps: Squat on one leg then explode into a tuck jump. Big focus on landing, concentrating on bending and absorbing the impact. 12reps each leg


Go through 2 sets


Part 4 XCLR8 U


Half Burpees – 10 reps

Push ups – close grip, from bottom to half way for 10

rotate from one to the other for 2 minutes! 


How did you guys go? Keep striving to achieve, you will only Fail when you give up!  

Stay Awesome Guys!


Tim Morgan


Mobile Personal Training Specialist


4 U Body Fitness


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