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AMRAP Work Out Number 14


AMRAP Work Out Number 14!


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Are You Ready To Party????? 


This workout is designed to get those legs into shape so you can shake those hips and bounce that booty all night long (and the girls can do whatever it is they do when they dance…)!


Fun Fact! Did you know that all AMRAP work outs can be scaled up and down to suit your own fitness level! So it doesn’t matter if your just starting out or you have been training for years they will help you take big steps towards getting your health and fitness results!  


Today’s session is all about leg dominance, and we are going to work on  stability, power, strength to give those legs an amazing work out, that will create trim, tone and terrific legs!   


3 Rounds today as fast as possible! With this work out make sure you revisit it in 4 weeks to see how far you have come!  


Box Jumps: Squat down and explode on to a platform or step that is at about your knee height X 12 reps 


High skips: With a Skipping rope, jump as high as you can over the rope for 50 skips


One Legged Squats (Pistol Squats): Squat down on one leg as low as you can aiming for a minimum of 90 degrees at the knee joint X12 reps each side 


Ski Jumps: Hopping from 1 foot to the other in a zig zagging action X 12ea leg 


One Legged Step ups: Find a bench or platform, start at the top balancing on one leg, lower your self slowly when your hanging foot touches the ground explode bringing your knee (from the leg that touched the floor) up into your chest X12 ea leg! 


#Persistence #Consistency #Determination #Focus #Excellence!


Stay Awesome Guys!


Tim Morgan


Director 4 U Body Fitness


Mobile Personal Training Specialist


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