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How To Save Money And Get Sexy At The Same Time!

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The number one excuse people use is money for not investing in their health and fitness is, but I want to do two things by the end of this post. 1) Prove that your health is worth the small investment and, 2) workout how we can actually save you money in the short term and the long term.


First of all lets look at what you are worth as a person, do you find you are tired, depressed, unmotivated, unhappy, sick often, have body aches and pains, looking for a promotion.


 What does it mean to have all of these things going on in your life at the same time? To me its simple I would be willing to pay anything to be happier alone, let alone cut down how often I get sick, live with a stronger body, look more appealing to the opposite sex (this may just be your partner your trying to impress, not to mention the fitter you are increased performance in the bedroom).


Imagine if you had the energy to play with the kids when you got home from work. What would that mean to you?


If your working with a clearer more focused mind, and have more energy you are going to be more productive at work and more likely to increase your chance of getting a promotion, bonuses or if you are in business for yourself increase your own personal efficiency.


The question I put to you what would you do if all this was possible what would you invest?  $100 a week?  $200, $500, 10 000 a week? Our personal training packages start at less than $100 a week and with our elite level coaching system to get you motivated and stay motivated whilst educating you on developing your own health and fitness we use a proven system to help you achieve all of what is mentioned above. But not all of us want to be happier, healthier, more productive, look sexier, earn more money for working less hours?


Rant over lets talk about cashing in on your personal training and how it will actually save you money!


1)   Take Away Food!


One of the first things we look at is limiting your take away food, and we always here that eating healthy is expensive and that’s why we don’t do it and that is rubbish!


Yes your grocery bill may increase by 10-15% by making healthier choices but the average household spends up to $200 a week on take away products, these include; take away meals, and smaller items such drinks and sweets whilst shopping etc. 


Saving up to $200 per week



2)   Alcohol!


Alcohol is one of the biggest issues with weight loss, and muscle gain it has an adverse affect not only on your bodies ability to burn fat, but also encourages carbohydrates to be stored as fat as well. It also Stops your ability to create new muscle, decreasing your metabolism or keeping it the same which works against your ability to goals of losing weight and looking sexy!


 Average spend on alcohol per week $50 – $100 Saving of up to $100 per week. TOTAL Save of $300 per week

3)   Future and Current Medical bills and expenses!


That’s right living an active lifestyle and have a good diet has proven time and time again to be the best preventative measure for decreasing the risks of digestive system related cancers, heart conditions, degenerative musculoskeletal problems, diabetes, stroke and the list goes on and on.


Medical bills, check ups, hospital visits, scans, and operations all tally up really, really quickly. Also related to training correctly is a stronger body is less prone to injury in every day people and athletes alike.


4)   Productivity!


With all the extra energy, fitness, motivation and confidence you will perform better at work and better at home. You will have more mental focus and be able to spend more time with loved ones.


Turning productivity right up as a business owner means that you will have more energy to work “on” the business rather than “in” helping your business grow and develop to new highs! As an employee it will enable you to work more efficiently, have less sick days and help set you up for your next promotion or at least get your workload under control!


Promotion or turnover increase + hundreds or thousands of dollars, More energy and time for the people you care about, well ill let you put your own price on that!


5)   Smoking!


So this is the big one! How many of you are currently still battling cigarettes? And how much money per week would be spending on that $100 or $200 per week (not even mentioning the fact that your slowly killing yourself and the medical expenses associated with that!)? We will help support you during your quitting process, a positive influence on your health and fitness, that will be your little guardian angel. We will help relieve the stress from giving away the addiction and help reduce any adverse on your weight as you go through the quitting process!


The question now reverts back to you, Can you afford not to be doing Personal Training? I know right big claim out there, but it is the truth, even the personal trainers are doing personal training why? Because they understand the benefits of having a great support network and health and fitness regime. They are not “freaks” they are just taking their lives seriously we only live once, will you choose a healthy fulfilled successful life or one littered with medical conditions, lack of energy, depression, anxiety, and self pitty?


The choice is yours!


Click Here for link to our 1 on 1 personal training page to choose you!


Stay Awesome Guys (I know I will, I am Training Tonight!)


Tim Morgan




4 U Body Fitness


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