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AMRAP Workout number 11

AMRAP Work Out Number 11!


Have you done amrap 10 yet? It was awesome I highly recommend you get on and do that workout to help you get the best results!


Todays Theme is upper body! 


2 rounds to failure (not as hard as it sounds to failure means your maximum effort be that 1 rep, 10 reps or 100 reps! )


Push ups – 2 hand spaces from the body. Clap Push ups if your strong enough!


Tricep Pushups – hands nice and close to the body


Negative Chins – 5 seconds lowering yourself down on each rep


Inverted Row – chest to the bar!


Dips – Feet on the ground and pull your shoulders back and down! (if your tough Full Body Weight Dips!


Hand Stands – Push ups if you can if not just trying to hold your self up against a wall!


This work out I want you to revisit every 4 weeks and test your upper body strength each time! Make sure you write down each of your score so you can track it!


Stay Awesome Guys!


Tim Morgan


Mobile Personal Training Specialist


4 U Body Fitness


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P.P.S Do IT!


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