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28 Days Down!

The first month of my journey as a whole has been surprising to say the least. My goals of increasing energy and creating new healthier habits are definitely coming into play! What I have decided to do is a week by week break down to let you know how I went.

Does your journey have any similarities? 

Week 1 December 1 – 7 

My goal for week one was simple – NAIL IT! I knew that if I was really going to make this work that the first 28 days where going to be super important and that my biggest challenge (or so I thought it was going to be) was being organised. Those that know me well know that being organised is a talent that I have to practice daily to even come close to appearing like it! So that was where I started getting my sh*t together! 

With help from the beautiful people around me week one was an absolute success, I was organised, I was motivated and I was already kicking goals! 

The first three to four days I was craving caffeine a little and i had a small headache as I came down off my raging sugar highs but other than that towards the end of the week I was already feeling pretty good! 

Exercise was awesome (I was tired though, I slept really well this first week). I have already started to think however that I may have set a near impossible task to complete all my exercise sessions but i am ok with this as i know for the result i am after i just need to be 75% compliant on that front. 

Motivation is good I am really excited, I have been smashing my goal book! This I believe will be the key to my success! 


Week 2 December 8 – 14 

Going into week 2 I had one focus get through to day 10 and break past the biggest challenge in creating a new habit the path with the most resistance! The Workouts felt like they where getting easier this week and, I was even looking forward to the cardio in my Zac Evan-Esh training (which is just sprint work and burpees). Using a sport that I love is a really great way to knock up some extra training without needing to think about it to much, and a great emotional out let as well! 

Organisation still key and still focusing on it, and I have been 100% compliant on the nutrition front so far! 

I am no longer feeling bloated and I have definitely lost some body fat (sneaky look at the scales puts me about 1.8kgs down at the day 14 mark!)

Most important change I have noticed so far. My productivity has increased ten fold! I am have not been this laser focused on tasks in a very long time probably even 15months. It is good to see the man I know I can be coming back into play!

Still all over my goal book as well! Loving it, editing it daily and ready to take over the world!


Week 3 December 15 –  21

Leading up to Christmas can be a stressful time of year, especially for Personal Trainers. Clients are away, temptation for those clients that are here peaks through the festive season and rather than focusing on the positives of results we are now micro managing clients and trying to get them to stay focused. All this whilst trying to keep ourselves focused and motivated as funds drain and our overworked bodies and minds (just like everyone else) fight for the end of the year. My hat comes off to my team every Christmas as I know personally how much of a struggle it can be. This is also the week I would find out that one of our valued team members would be finishing up with us and the business was about to take another big hit. 

If I was going to throw the towel in because of stress  it was going to be this week, and not even having the benefit of establishing my new habits I had to battle this as well! And then there was Bubble soccer! The stress reliever i needed, a reward for the good fight! A fantastic time with friends and clients a like (a lot now don’t have differentiate between the two) 

This was without a doubt one of those weeks where you go is this for me, and after sitting down and going through many different scenarios, I realised that now is the time to fight not surrender. That we affect too many people in a positive way and have not served our purpose yet of helping and educating as many people as possible. There is more to give, I have more to give! 

Exercise was definitely down this week, but nutrition was still spot on! With no cravings at all!

Bubble Soccer 

Week 4 December 22 – 28

IT HAD COME – Christmas

Morgan Ham


A three day event for my family as a minimum! Amazing food, lots of drinks, and party time and gift giving! We live for Christmas in my house! It is awesome! Some highlights being a seafood buffet lunch on Christmas Eve, Chocolate coated Strawberries (Cadbury white and milk chocolates blended with Lindt Chocolate) and A Covert ops mission to get a Morgan Ham and an Amaya Turkey on the same spread for lunch on Christmas day!

I love this time of year for all the treats and goodies, but this year I am in the last week of establishing my new habits!

What do we do now! 

AMaya TurkeySo here are some things that i did to get through Christmas – Alcohol must be drank on the rocks, Shakes must be maintained throughout all the days and only have exceptionally light dinners! Train like an absolute animal when you get a chance! 

The result 

a 600g loss the week of Christmas! Stoked, ecstatic and high fives to everyone! 

I have got this and the best bit I don’t feel like it is that hard! 


Week 5 – 8 Comes out in a couple of weeks and prove to be surprisingly the most challenging part of the journey so far! 


Tim Morgan 

Mobile Personal Training Specialist

4 U Body Fitness



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