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5 Steps you must do to achieve the best version of you!

Wow the holiday is well and truly over now! WE are all back into the grind of our jobs and prepping for the kids to go back to school and battling to keep our new years resolutions rolling along! It indeed is crazy time! Lets not forget how much mental energy it takes not to keep writing 2014 (I am sure white out sales have gone through the roof, just a side note invest in white out stocks) 

Time for a solution, time to reboot the mindset and get our selves back on the right track and most importantly start prioritising your fit, healthy, boundless energy lifestyle that we want to create for ourselves (the christmas weight vest of 5 kgs that we didn’t ask for is getting heavy anyway!) 


So my little awesomites here it is 5 steps to get the engine burning again! 

1. Take 30 minutes of me time to reflect: Start by taking half an hour out of your schedule to look at what was achieved last year, what worked and what didn’t and how you can make simple changes that will ensure an even more successful year this year! 


2. Set aggressive goals: By aggressive I do not mean go and punch someone, unless they don’t like minions and then feel free to knock some sense into them Mwhahhaa Banana (inside minion joke). I mean be ruthless with what you really want to achieve pick big nuggets and write them down! Then put your written down goals somewhere you will view them every single day! If you are not constantly practicing the art of reminding yourself what you are trying to achieve you will get distracted and you will fall off the wagon! 


3. Create a success plan: This is the how you are going to achieve your goals, every single step you feel you need to take. This takes a little longer but will show you exactly how achievable it is and how your goals will fit into your current lifestyle. You may need to talk to someone, like your trainer to help build this in particular! Seek advice from experts is the best bit as the more detail in the plan the more achievable it will be and there will be no surprises! 


4. Take action every day: Ask yourself the big question every single morning when you rise from bed – How will I take one small step to get closer to my goal today? Then do it! Remember knowledge has no power without action! You will first have resistance to taking action, but like training you will get better at it, take stronger action and even crave action taking. 


5. Review: Make sure you check in weekly and monthly to understand your patterns to help overcome any obstacles that may pop up, and then find a way to overcome it. Every single thing you feel has been overcome by someone else you just need to find out how they did it and fix the issue. Make sure nothing stops you from achieving what you truly want, it is allowed to slow you down but it can’s stop you!


Have an awesome day and chase down that success! I would love to have a chat with anyone who is struggling  with putting this together, feel free to call me on 0403941014. Wether you are a client of ours or not lets get you achieving success!


Tim Morgan

Mobile Personal Training Specialist!!

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