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10 Tips To Get Your Exercise In This Holiday Period

Over the December period we are committed to giving you as much information as possible to help you maintain and even improve on your results this holiday period! 

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  1. Plan your workouts

Ok so you have more deadlines, functions, commitments and appointments leading up to Christmas, which means organisation is number 1! Schedule your workouts like you do your appointments before the start of each week to ensure you stay active and maintain a healthy mind and body amongst the craziness!


  1. Team Up xmas exercise

If you are still worried you’ll skip a workout, even if it’s scheduled in, find a friend to meet up with to go to a class, go for a jog or do a circuit together. That way, if you skip it it’s not only you you’re letting down, it’s your mate. And plus, it’s much more fun!


  1. Up your PT sessions

Everyone who trains with a trainer knows they push themselves far more with them than without. They motivate and push you to achieve things beyond what you thought you could therefore making it a more effective workout. Let’s be honest, you’ll probably exercise a bit less or less often so you may as well make the time exercising really count!


  1. Make active social dates

Instead of meeting up with friends for a lazy afternoon of eating and drinking, which is adding even more calories without burning any, meet up for a fun activity that gets you moving like indoor trampolining, roller skating, mini golf, bike or horse riding or even just a long walk after a picnic lunch in a park or along the beach. Burn up the consumed calories!


  1. Do something new

Try do a class or ride if you usually run. Or go to a dance class. Hopefully the novelty of doing something new and different will be more of a motivator than being bogged down by the stress of ‘needing’ to do something you always do.


  1. Do it early

If you usually exercise after work, but have a work function after work one day, or know you will be exhausted at the end of the day and will make excuses, instead of blowing off your session, get up 30 minutes earlier and do it early! That way, whatever the day throws at you, you’ll be more energised to deal with it, and will have that exercise ticked off!


  1. Create a daily challenge

Give yourself a challenge to tick off every day to make you accountable to the exercise you get in. For example it could be 100 push ups, squats, lunges, dips and crunches a day. You could do it in one hit, or bits throughout the day, but you must complete it in the day!


  1. Think accumulation

If you can’t possibly fit in a 30-60 minute block throughout your day, break it up into 10 minute chunks. You may have the energy and do 20 minutes in a block, but at the very least you’ve got 10 minutes in, better than nothing at all!


  1. Use time wisely

As mentioned with accumulation, exercise can add up during the day with little things. Try getting up and starting with a 5 minute stretch or body weight exercise while waiting for the kettle to boil or your breakfast to cook, go for a walk or do a short session on your lunchbreak, park further away from the shops or do food preparation and house and garden chores for few hours after work. You’ll be getting things done, getting movement in, being very time efficient and productive!


10. Do hiit training

Halve your workout sessions but double the intensity by doing high intensity interval training. Choose exercises to perform with a work and rest ratio on a timer to avoid wasting time and challenging yourself. You’ll be amazed at how hard you’ll work in such a short space of time!
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