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OUR 10 Best TIPs For Good Nutrition This Holiday Period

Continuing our holiday blog series, here are the best ways to keep your nutrition on track this holiday period   

  1. Plan your meals

Same applies for food as exercise. If you plan it out, you’ll be more likely to achieve what you set out to and you’ll be less inclined to make bad options. Factor in your ‘cheat meals’ where you know you won’t be able to stick entirely to good eating and make sure the rest of the day or week is clean whole foods to make up for it!


  1. Load up on fruit and vegetablesxmas nutrition3jpg

This time of year generally has increasing amounts of high fat and sugar laden foods and alcohol so be sure to eat plenty of the fresh stuff to build your immune system and counteract the negative effects of these foods!


  1. Drink lots of water

Again, to keep the system clean, flush out toxins and maintain a strong immune system, drink plenty of water and be sure to drink a glass before each meal and between alcoholic drinks. Then you’ll consume less of both and avoid headaches and hangovers!


  1. Bring healthy dishes to parties

Healthy doesn’t need to be boring. Make mini quiches, roast vegetable salads, homemade dips with sweet potato chips, fruit platters or bouquets or raw desserts. Get creative and be proud of making something that both tastes delicious and is good for you.


  1. Eat before you go to parties

If you’re going to an evening cocktail party, or afternoon event, be sure to eat a healthy wholesome lunch or dinner to avoid rocking up famished and eating 10 mini pies in one go! Enjoy and savour the flavour of the few small pieces you try without over doing it.


  1. Keep healthy snacks handy

Increased work hours, running around and holiday shopping means there may be periods where you don’t have time to eat or make anything. Carrying around some nuts, a banana, homemade trail mix or protein bar will give you sustenance to keep going and control your appetite.

xmas nutrition2 

  1. Don’t skip meals

If you avoid eating due to guilt from over indulgence the night before or in preparation for the night of indulgence ahead, it could create even worse problems. Be sensible and eat a healthy meal as you always would and never skip meals. Eat a healthy wholesome breakfast, lunch and dinner as always. They all are important.


  1. Limit your parties

Yes it’s a fun time of year and it’s fun to celebrate but it’s not essential to attend every function you’re invited to. If going to too many or certain events is going to hinder your health, wellbeing and sabotage your weight loss or management attempts, don’t be scared to say no.


  1. Treat yourself occasionally, but make it worth it

Don’t go to a party, assume defeat knowing it’ll be a bad night and eat everything in sight. Choose one or two of things wisely that you’ll know you’ll really enjoy, such as dessert, and enjoy it! You deserve a little indulgence occasionally

 xmas nutrition

10. On your cheat days, do a workout

Don’t beat yourself up for having a cheat meal or day, but make sure you begin it with a workout that includes resistance training. Your body will more effectively burn those calories consumed.

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