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7 healthy alternatives to typical party and holiday food

Part 3 Of our Holiday blog series to help get you through! 7 healthy alternatives to typical party and holiday food! I know right this is the one you have been waiting for! 



Quiches                                 to                                Frittatas


Quiche                            Frittatas

Not only are they easier to make, they are much better for you. Avoid the buttery pastry case and create in muffin pans with beaten eggs, dash of milk, ricotta or cottage cheese, and your favourite combo. E.g. spinach, cherry tomatoes and feta – very christmasy!


Arancini Balls                                   to                    Quinoa Cakes

 AranchiniBalls                             QuinoaCakes

Arancini balls may taste delicious, but they’re full of starchy rice, cheese and deep fried! Using quinoa is a better option as it is not refined, low GI and higher in protein. Make them delicious by using lots of fresh herbs and mashed veg, such as pumpkin, and bind with egg and quinoa flakes.


Mini Sausage Rolls             to                    Stuffed Button Mushrooms

 MiniSausageRolls                        StuffedButtonMushrooms

Sausage rolls are full of processed sausage meat surrounded in a fatty pastry that is bound to jeopardize your weight maintenance! Instead try stuffing mushrooms with ricotta, a little parmesan, herbs and whatever you enjoy! Sundried tomatoes and olives is a tasty combination!


Hot Potato Chips                             to                    Homemade Sweet Potato Wedges

 HotChips                        SweetPotatoWdges

Store bought potato chips are either overly processed, or deep fried, or both! Ditch them and make your own wedges with sweet potato dusted with some oil, paprika, chilli flakes or rosemary instead!


Potato Bake                                     to                    Roast Vegetable Gratin

 PotatoBake                             RoastVegGratin

Potato Bake is full of bad stuff. Too much cheese, lots of butter and cream, not to mention solely based on a high GI vegetable. Try a mixed vegetable gratin instead. Layer up roast root vegetables, zucchini, eggplant, tomato and top with a small amount of cheese, milk, herbs and breadcrumbs.


Champagne                                      to                    Fruity Spritzer

Champagne                                                    FruitSpritzer 

Sure, it’s nice to enjoy a glass of bubbling alcohol on Christmas Day or at Christmas parties, but there are better options available! Instead of a champagne, try a small nib of your favourite spirit with fresh fruit and soda or sparkling water. It’s lighter and less calories, plus tastes delicious and is fun!


Apple Pie                                           to                    Healthy Apple Crumble

ApplePie                                HealthyAppleCrumble                         

Back to the pastry dilemma! Pastry in general, but in particular pie pastry, is a bad option when watching what you eat and your weight! Healthy apple crumble with stewed apples in vanilla bean and cinnamon with a dash of maple syrup (instead of refined sugar), topped with oats, shredded coconut, spices, coconut oil (instead of butter) and some honey or maple syrup (instead of refined sugar) is one of the most delicious, guilt free, nutritional balanced desserts you can have! Enjoy!


Stay Healthy and Lean this Christmas ! 



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