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Caroline’s Journey

4 U Body Fitness Mobile Personal Training Specialist Kat Rotunno and Superstar Client Caroline Madjan’s journey so far!

This is an inspirational story for anyone who has been overweight for too long and is starting to lose hope! There are answers out there you just need to source the right people that will get the result you are after!

Congratulations to Caroline and Kat for the awesome work they have done!


Caroline’s Journey

I’ve been overweight my whole teenage/adult life – I started gaining weight at 12 years old and no matter what I did I couldn’t lose it. You name it, I probably tried it – countless gym memberships, Tony Ferguson, Lite n Easy, Weight Watchers…

My journey with 4 U Body Fitness began in late April 2013. The past eight months had been a roller coaster with my health – I’d finally been diagnosed with a condition which helped me understand why I’d found it so hard to lose weight over the years, I had surgery and was seeing six different doctors to get on top of my health problems. I joined a gym in late November 2012 and slowly built up a fitness routine, but I needed more – motivation, assistance and guidance. One night I started googling personal trainers and the first thing I found was Tim and his team. He gave me a call pretty much right away and put me in contact with Kat, who has absolutely changed my life.

Since my diagnosis, I’ve lost nearly 30kg. But with Kat’s help I’ve lost over 25kg but not only that, I’m doing things that I never dreamed I could do. I can do a push-up on my toes, burpees, pull-ups and I can keep going with her workouts and my own at gym for the full hour we train. I have a waist again, I can shop at clothing stores I used to only fantasise about but most importantly, I feel fantastic. I’ve still got a bit to go but I’ve got no doubt that with Kat and the 4 U Body Fitness team, I’ll get there.


Caroline Transformation

 Kat’s Journey with Caroline


As a personal trainer, you only dream of having diligent clients that you can work well with, train hard, and together achieve great outcomes.

Some of you may have seen the facebook posts of this incredible young lady who I am so proud of and thrilled to share her amazing results.
If you want to be inspired, look no further. Last month we hit 77.9kg on the scales, bringing her total loss to 27.3kg from a start weight of 105.2kg.
Caz has not been there since she was 12 years old and her complete elation brought a tear to my eye. Never been prouder and a huge inspiration to me and bound to be to others.


If you’re wondering how she has done it, it’s very simple. She has eaten well, worked hard and been consistent. She not only listens to my advice, but lives by it, records it, and proves it. She always fills in her food diary, taking on my suggestions and adjustments. She texts me when she performs any exercise homework and hits her targets 90% of the time.

We all have our roadblocks, but Caz never lets them dictate her life or get in the way of her goals. She perseveres through all and stays committed to her program as she knows it’s the only way to get to her goals, which are more important than sitting on the couch relaxing, or eating the ‘bad’ foods she may be craving.

If you want to succeed like Caz has, make your goals number 1 priority in your life, above all temptations that jeopardises them. Stay accountable to and focused on the steps you must take to get there, and work on it (be it your food diary, a structured plan, reporting to your trainer) Listen to your trainer! They are giving you advice that is going to help you achieve your goals and you are paying them for this! Don’t waste your time and money by doing the opposite.


Work hard, stay focused, never give up. You will get there.

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