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Training With Injuries

Injured? Awesome news, You don’t have to sit on the sidelines!!!


Okay guy’s so you’re injured-don’t let it get you down.


With care you can still exercise without further injury to that area.


But, before I talk about that, I obviously need to stress that I’m not a doctor.


I get heaps of questions from clients regarding specific injuries, it would be crazy of me to diagnose your injury and prescribe a form of treatment. I strongly urge you to see a GP  that can refer you to the appropriate specialist if necessary.


While I can’t speak to your specific injury, there are some tips to keep in mind when planning a session. If your injury is in the lower body-knees, ankles, feet, shins or calves-try low impact forms of cardio like swimming, biking, rowing or shadow boxing with some light weights in each hand. You can also continue to do resistance training for your upper body, like back, chest, abs and arm work.


If you have sustained an injury in your upper body like torn or pulled arm muscles you can do high intensity lower body cardio like running, step ,jump rope, spin bike, you can also continue to do lunges, squats leg presses or even dead lifts.


So don’t let an injury set you back mentally as well as physically guy/s, you can still get a great workout no matter what
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