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Bikini Body post # 4

Intermediate training programs!


Today I want to unravel progression, how to constantly push your self and always be fitter and stronger in every single work out you jump into!


Once you have been through some basic training and completely nailed the fundamental movement patterns of the basics, you are then able to safely push yourself to new heights of fitness and strength!


”But Tim if I am just looking at getting lean why do I need to be stronger and fitter, I just want to get skinny”


I hear this understandably a lot!  By increasing your strength and fitness you are able to get more out of your work outs both physically and mentally. You will have more muscle tone and be increasing your metabolism. You will burn more calories in a session and be able to tap into the after burn affects of high intensity work outs (Burn more fat whilst you sleep). You will have less long term health risks and the benefits go on!


Now you are convinced lets show you how we can do it!



We are going to give you two work outs today!


Work out 1!


Increasing strength


We are going to be working with the whole body during this work out, and your goal should be to always pull up a little sore, and to keep working harder if you are not!

** please note we are talking work out sore not injured, not can’t move for 7 days we are not here to over do it we are here to work at your current maximums!


There are two terms I need you to get familiar with


  1. Max Reps – This is as many repetitions of an exercise you can do with proper technique
  2. Sub Max Reps – This is having one or two repetitions left in the tank when you stop


Now for the fun part!


We are only going to do 5 exercises in this work out and you should aim to finish it within 45 minutes.


60 – 90 SECONDS of rest should be used in between sets. If you are feeling good do 60 seconds, if you are really struggling do 90 seconds


If you are getting over 15 repetitions on your max sets, make the exercise more challenging, either by adding weight or trying a slightly more challenging variation


Push ups – 3 sets of sub max sets, 2 sets of max sets


Inverted row – 3 sets of sub max sets, 2 sets of max


Jump Squats – 5 sets of 12

Walking lunges – 12 in between your sets of squats


Plank  – 2 minutes




Work Out 2!


Increasing the intensity


Tabata Time!


If you haven’t jumped on the Tabata band wagon yet GET ON IT! This high intensity interval training principle is helping hundreds of our clients accelerate their results!


How it works  – 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest for a total time of 4 minutes! And when I say work I mean flat out 200%, no giving up and no slowing down!


For this work out we are going to do only three exercises each are full body exercises to get more bang for you buck!



Exercise number 1 – Beloved Burpees, same as normal burpees but you smile the whole way through


Exercise number 2  – Mountain Climbers


Exercise number 3 – Bear Crawls, use a 10 meter stretch of floor and go backwards on the way back


Throw in a warm up and a cool down and you have yourself a quick 20minute work out!!


Enjoy guys!


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Stay Awesome Guys!


Tim Morgan

Mobile Personal Training Specialist

4 U Body Fitness,au



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