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Amrap Work Out Number 18


AMRAP Work Out Number 18!


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Get Down And Dirty!  


We have a really cool Crawl Sequence here today to mixed it up and get a great full body work out! 


I have some monkey bar work on the end to balance out this workout but if you don’t have access to monkey bars that is fine just take those exercises out of your work out!    


Total Distance is the goal here, I work with 10m stretches for all of these exercises, You score distance only for when your crawling. Total allocated time is 15minutes! You have to cover as much distance as possible inside that time frame. Go through each exercise once and then work on go through again



Bear Crawls: Staying Low To The Ground and Moving As Quickly As Possible on Your Hands And Feet! 


Alligator Crawl: A Awesome Core Exercise, Find something to put under your feet either something that slides along the floor or a wheel that rolls. using your hands only to drag yourself to the end point. 


Walking Crawl: Starting with your feet in between your hands on the floor, walk your hands out until they are just above your shoulder line, then walk your feet in back to in between your hands until you get to the other side!


Crab Walk: Moving laterally this time, starting with your back to the floor, lift your torso and bum up and just walking on your hands and your feet move sideways until you reach the other side 


Monkey Bars: Palms facing away from you on the bars, try and hold your elbows at 90 degrees as you pass through the bars 


Monkey Bars: Plams facing away from you hanging and swinging from bar to bar



#Persistence #Consistency #Determination #Focus #Excellence!


Stay Awesome Guys!


Tim Morgan


Director 4 U Body Fitness


Mobile Personal Training Specialist


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