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Weight Loss! A Sport

Weight Loss! A Sport? 


Weight loss is a like a game in particular i like to compare it to the game of basketball (not only because i love the sport) because it is a game of streaks, momentum, and digging deep when your not scoring, putting in the extra 1% to get the results at the other end! So if it is a game how do we score and how do we win? 

Scoring is easy! Every time you choose to do something that is going to help you lose weight you score! Every time you choose not to the opposition scores (the opposition being you not losing any weight and falling back into old habits and beliefs!) To win score more than the opposition every day!  

First of all imagine that your goal is to win the finals, this is your goal weight (which should now be referred to as size or shape because you know weight is a terrible measure of body composition) to get there you know you are going to have to do a pre-season phase to get your body ready for the season. You then have to go through the season fighting a long battle against many different opponents that have strengths and weaknesses. The finally you make the finals, with tougher opponents to overcome until you win the championship! 


This is the 6-12 weeks, its a tough slog and the body is getting hit pretty hard, your starting high intensity training regimes after the off season, your balancing your food, learning what to eat and when to eat it. You come up against you first opponents in practise games! These guys are tough but beat able. 

Opponent 1 Doms – Delayed onset muscle soreness, this is the pain you get from working out. It hurts but it gets easier

Opponent 2 Cravings – These guys are in the same division as you and will probably make the finals, they will win some games but head to head is important hear you must beat them more times than they beat you if we are going to win! 

Opponent 3 Negative self talk – Again they will be hanging around all season, these guys play dirty they trash talk you! They put you down, but you are better than them don’t sink to their level, step up, stay positive 

Lucky though you are also meeting some of your team mates for the first time! 

Team Mate 1 Will power – Also intrinsic motivation. He will be constantly on the court all year start developing ways to keep him focused because when he is on your side 

Team Mate 2 Endorphines – The feel good hormones you get from working out! More of a bench warmer but a great team player

Team Mate 3 Support – Wether your partner, friends, family, trainer, doctor, nutritionist or who ever you will find that they may change the role they play but are going to be a big part of your success all the way through to the finals! 

Overall pre-season is pretty good once you win your first couple of practice games your confidence will grow you will feel stronger, fitter, faster and have had some positive results! 


The prep work has been done, you have set yourself up to success! Now the season, very rarely in any sport does a team go undefeated and we are ok with dropping a few games during the season however the focus is now on making the finals and the equation is simple win more games and you will finish higher on the ladder! This means training hard, playing smart, focusing on the positives and not letting your head drop when you lose.! 

Dealing with a win! When you get a “W” your pumped your excited but don’t forget what got you there hard work, good nutrition, staying focused. Wins on the way are exciting but sometimes you can become relaxed and complacent thats when even weaker teams will knock you off! When you win make sure you still dig deep and work on continually improving so that you can keep pushing towards the end goal -FINALS!

Dealing with a loss! When you drop a game, you need to hit the training track hard, work on boosting your team mates skills as well as your own! you need to lead the team to success. If you drop your head you will start stringing losses together and start de-railing your own season! Stay strong and focused you can do it!! 

Its the end goal that matters and as long as you have that as a focus you will succeed. Take the necessary steps and stay consistent with your effort you can fail! Constantly ask your self are you doing everything you possibly can do to achieve results? If you lose a week make it up! The choice is yours! 

*This is the long haul.The majority of people make it to this stage but don’t make it to finals! This is because the give up a season is not limited to a 6month time frame it is only limited by the results you get! 

Some newer stronger opponents will kick in here 

Opponent 4 Plateau – This is the team you have to watch out for. When they pop up on the roster you must change your style of play,work harder, work smarter but don’t continue to do exactly the same thing remember they are here for a reason and the will make finals

Opponent 5 Junk Food – You can never catch your calories. This team will run from you if let them they will break out to big leads and you will have to work very hard to beat them from their. Best to beat this team early and don’t give them a chance to get in the game! 

Opponent 6 Weather – These guys should finish bottom of the ladder, but normally catch you off guard with really early games or really late games. The best way to take theses guys is head on! Attack them hard and fast, don’t let them settle into the game. Get your shoes on and move! 

Opponent 7 Functions – Events, parties. They are always there and we work hard so we should be a able to relax right ? No these guys will derail your entire season and we play them a lot! Do your homework, be prepared, and don’t be influenced by the crowd! Opponent 8 Alcohol

Opponent 9 Injuries – If your not careful these guys will slip in and have just dropped down from the division above and are ready to pounce at any time. Make sure you stick to your fundamentals in this game and you will win. Trying something fancy or risky could have big ramifications.  

Opponent 10 Pullers – This team is the worst! They know you are better and they consistently are trying to make you lose even when your not playing them they are still there! Do not hesitate to kick their ass! 

Opponent 11 Self Sabotage – We have been playing these guys since we where old enough to play! Just when the season is on a roll guess who shows up on the roster! These guys are evenly matched in speed skill and strength the question is will you recognise  

Lucky in the off season we did some recruiting!images-2

Team Mate 4 New Habits –  The first 12 weeks is all about creating new ones of the these and the will be locked in after just 100 days! This sort of dedication and training makes your new habits part of your starting line up! 

Team Mate 5 Education – This guy continues to bring new elements to your team, he creates the adjustments you need when coming up against “plateau” and other notorious opponents. Specialises in fitness, nutrition, motivation, and emotional intelligence

Team Mate 6 Muscle Mass – The Big fella! Boosts the teams chance of winning, this is the guys who trains whilst your sleeping never stops moving on the floor and dominates when it comes to finals! Feed this team mate, you will need him! 

Team Mate 7 Energy – What a great recruit and he gets pumped up by the presence of nutrition! The better nutrition plays the  better energy will play!  


Team Mate 8 Nutrition – This is your leading scorer, your best defender and he will be required to succeed! Take nutrition out of your team and it is going to a tough season! Focus and develop this guy and success is inevitable 

Team Mate 9 Motivators – A bench warmer but a guy that will rally the whole team when times are dark. This guy will score when it counts and you want to hang out with this guy even when your not playing. He could be jeans, he could be photos, he could be people you want to be like, an event or anything that will remind you to continue to take action and achieve your end goal! 

The FINALS! images-1

With the team set, training has paid off and you have made it! The finals are the last obstacle before you get to put your hands on that trophy (a bronzed trophy of your sexy new physique!) Finals Have slightly different rules and are much more about effort and passion, anything can happen here! Do not quit sometimes a final goes into overtime and then team that stops running loses! 

The last couple of kilos, this is where the opposition is hanging on! This is where your team has got you so far but you will need more to finish off! This is where YOU will have to step up! The last couple of kilo’s of body fat are stubborn they don’t want to go anywhere and unless you step up the game you are not going to win the championship!

Work harder on your nutrition! 

Use Efficient high intensity training methods!

Develop as much lean muscle as you can! 

Do not stress out! 

Sleep and recover! 

Keep working and pushing your self until you achieve the result you desire! Do not settle!!! 

A different view on weight loss and this definitely how I see it and how me and my team get great results with our clients!! 

Stay Awesome Guys! 

Tim Morgan


4 U Body Fitness

Mobile Personal Training Specialists!



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