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2015 4UBF end of Year event – Bubble Soccer!


Bubble soccer was one of the most hilarious, sweatiest, most fast paced, sweatiest, disoriented, sweatiest, fun, (did I mention sweatiest?) event we have had. It was a great session and we are definitely looking to go back there!

Bubble Soccer

Don’t know if I have ever seen so many sub outs in a game before. The balls made you invincible (Sort of imagine when Mario collects the star and you crash through the levels), and surprisingly being invincible is quite hard work! Probably the most fun I have ever had burning calories( and watching everyone roll around was unbelievably entertaining, even our spectators had sore abs the next day!

The event involved sliding into a giant plastic bubble with only the very bottom of your legs sticking out. In this bubble we where meant to play soccer (jokes on the inventor of the game), but more so we ran, flipped, spun, dodged and bashed into other bubbles. Some of us got turned or knocked upside down with our legs flapping about in the air by cruel tormenting individuals who will rename nameless…

It was a lot of fun and for those of you who didn’t come, next time without a doubt book this one out in your calendar. We will give you plenty of notice and definitely will be back!


Later we had some bubble enthusiasts kick on at dinner. We had a great time at Ambrosia in Berwick. Some usual diet habits were abandoned in favour of the Christmas break up festivities and much good conversation, laughter and fun was had with a fantastic group.


Thank you to all who came to Bubble Soccer, dinner, or both. You all made it an amazing day!

For everyone who didn’t make it, we missed you but there is always next time.

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a safe, happy and healthy new year.

Thank you for another awesome year with us at 4 U Body Fitness!

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