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Train The Trainers Day!

2015 Train The Trainers Day

Well it came to that time of year again! We as trainers both fear and love the day when our beloved clients have the opportunity to train us back! The chat between the trainers started in early November about revving up our own training to prepare for the relentless beating our bodies were going to take on that famous second Sunday of December! 


1 week out the chatter started between the trainers and it is safe to say we where all going over our hardest workouts, the most challenging timing sequences, and the most depleting sets and rep sequences possible. This is also where we start to second guess our own fitness and strength, as the butterflies kick in! 


In particular this train the trainer had a lot of trash talking so when it came to game day the team was anxious but as ready as they will ever be! (not to mention everyone on light breakfasts just in case it was going to end with a little bit of stomach content on the floor!)

Our goals for Train the Trainers are always the same push yourself, push your team and show everyone what you are made of, what to do when it gets tough and how to take your body to the next level! But most importantly it is to love doing it! It is our opportunity to show you that we at 4 U Body Fitness practice what we preach – Persistence, Determination, Focus, Consistency, and a Iron Will that does not break!

So we start warming up and our beloved clients start building the workout which they nick named “Trainer death!” (thanks guys, feeling the love here). With all of our gear and some borrowed bonus items from one of our fantastic clients Luis, the plotting begins.


The session consisting of 60 second max efforts, plenty of running laps and a white board full of exercise aimed at destroying every muscle in our bodies the challenge was set, the clock started and we got into the fun stuff!

Below are videos and photos of this awesome session! Created for your viewing pleasure!



It is safe to say the workout was tough! But just quietly the trainers won this round and are looking forward to the challenge again next year!





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