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Special Blog Post by one of our Awesome Clients Nik Kyriacou

In life we go through so many ups and downs, good things and bad as much as we like to think that we can do it all on our own its not often the case.


More times then not it’s a good support network that helps us get through life. I started my training journey less then 12 months ago and thought I could do it all on my own as it was me that let myself get to a point I wasn’t confident and happy with myself anymore.

It wasn’t the case though I tried to do the journey on my own but it wasn’t easy there was no one to help motivated me or get excited that I had achieved a new goal. Having a personal trainer and the on going support has made my journey and results so much more enjoyable. It’s not only me and my family that gets excited and is proud of me its Tim as well. To have the on going support and have someone who actually cares about your progress and what’s going on in your life that might make you think you can’t do it when someone believes you can (lets face it life can be the biggest obstacle some of us need to jump) is a lot more beneficial then hi – 5ing yourself.


Without having the on going support of people around you we can often let things build up in side and then struggle with things and this is where people can fall in the trap of eating bad, not exercising and being sad and depressed. Life isn’t an easy thing to deal with on your own which is what we all forget, its normal to have people to lean on and help you. With the on going support and guidence of your fellow fitness fanatics or even people in your life you will get so much more out of life.


The support that I have had from my family, friends and the team at 4 U body fitness has helped not only achieve so many fitness goals but also get my head right, feel confident within myself and actually be happy everyday. I get up with an actual reason to smile every day these are things that no one can or will ever take away from me its one of life’s many lessons I have been taught through this amazing journey of getting fit and healthy if you take away any negative thoughts or people that are negative and don’t push people away that want to help you bring them in and who knows you might be helping them achieve their goals or even make them feel like there’s a purpose to smile everyday.


Getting fit and healthy and being the best person you can be is definantly the best reason to get out an be active and get everyone around you active and involved soon enough you’ll have your own group to smash more goals with!!! There’s nothing in life that won’t beat that feeling 🙂

Nik’s Awesome results

Nik kyriacou

Motivation to start the new year off! Just did put these pictures together and have noticed the difference in just 7 months! Still have work to go to get where I wanna be but after seeing this its a difference to be proud of! Big thanks to the best PT ever Tim Morgan and another big thanks to Tracy Taylor for all their help couldn’t have done it without all your support and guidance!! Whoo bring on my 2013 fitness goals!!! 🙂




Stay Awesome, Stay Focused you will achieve your results


Tim Morgan

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