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End Of The World Workout!

Hi Guys With the impending end of the world, we better get you in shape to survive, and if the world doesn’t end this will definitely cut into the average 2kgs we will each put on over the Xmas,  new years period!end-of-the-world


I imagine that you need to be strong, agile and have a good cardiovascular base to escape the end of the world (I Have been watching a lot of the walking dead to study this!) 




Warm up with; a 5 to 10 minute light jog every 60 seconds 5 push ups, 10 star jumps, 10 squats, 10 wind mills



The Work Out!


Ski Jumps – these are are long strides zig sagging on each step for 20m  X3 sets


Hopping – for 20m

X3 sets


Bear crawls – Down on your hands and feet and run! For 20m

X3 sets


Alligator crawl – Put your feet on something that will slide along the surface your working out on (plastic plates are normally effective or a towel) holding your core in and keeping your feet together, knees locked out, use your arms to pull your self along the ground.

X3 sets (10m)


Burpees – squat, hands on the floor, kick your legs out together, push up, kick legs in,  jump!

3X 15 As Fast As Possible


Push ups – on your toes for as long as you can and then on your knees from there most important thing is don’t stop!

3X 45seconds


Mixed grip Chin ups – Find a bar of some sort (monkey bars or parallel bars are great) using a variety of close, supinated (palms facing you), pronated (palms facing away from you) and wide grip chin ups. If your not strong enough for full chin ups yet do an inverted row ( this is the same as a chin up but your legs are on the floor our in front of you) the aim is always to get your chest to the bar!

4X Max As Many Reps As Possible!


Sprints:          400m X1

                       300m X2

                       200m X3

                       100m X4

Recovery of walk 400m in between each.


Spoke Drill:   3 sets targeting sub 45 seconds (really good times are 30seconds or less


                       To set up  4 cones in the shape of a diamond 20 steps apart and a cone in the middle. Start in the middle sprint to cone 1 back to the middle turn left to cone 2, come back left to cone 3, come back left to cone 4, come back left to cone 1, come back right to cone 4 until you get back to cone 1!


That my friends is my end of the world workout!

Enjoy, continue to work hard and STAY AWESOME!


And remember if zombie’s attack get them in the head body shots don’t work 


Tim Morgan! for even more health and fitness updates

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