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Awesome Australia Day Work Outs




Finally a set of workouts that help you Adequately prepare for such an occasion, that includes pulling out the cricket bat, ball and stumps, Knocking back a can or two and throwing some lamb and prawns (not shrimp we call them prawns!) on the BBQ! SO the Question beckons how do you do it? 


Well it has to be broken down into three phases



Phase 1 Cricket conditioning Phase


DO 3 ROUNDS with 1minute break in between



Dumbbell T-push ups – helps strengthen your core, chest and shoulders for that throw from the deep to get that Smart Ass kid from down the street out! (you know the one – and he know who is mwhahahha!)

Using 5 kg dumbbells as many reps as possibly alternating for 60seconds

20m interval Sprints – Bloody Kids and there Tippity rule of hit the ball and run but we better prepare, (I am not getting ran out by my Uncle that cant bat again this year!)

Up and Back is one X 5


Inverted rows – For that big Pull Shot or the little scoop that goes over three fences but was so worth it!

As many reps as possible for 60seconds


Wall Sits – Definitely required for those who don’t have an auto Wickie! Get those leg guns ready for an arvo of keeping!  

90 degrees at the knee for 60 seconds




Phase 2 Burning off the VB’S


20:10 (work:rest) 2 minute round per can! (10 minutes if you dare is normally enough so no more than 5 bears or this could hurt!)

Alternating between the 4 exercises



Mountain Climbers (for the stairs at home that you struggle to climb)



Burpees (Just In Case you’re a little Hung over the next day)


Bear Crawls (The attempt to scale the route from the drive way to the car! )


Dips (full body weight if you dare because the last can made you leg less)


Phase 3 Cooking the BBQ


Plyo Push ups – To give you the power in your arms to fight for the best steak!

3-5 sets of 12 depending on how strong you are



Walking Lunges – Required for the strength to drag your local ankle biter that has attached itself to your leg whilst you try and maneuver around the Barbie!

30 steps 3-5 sets depending on how strong you are


Mixed grip Chin ups – To have the strength and stability to carry all of the meat trays out at once

3-5 sets 6-8 reps depending on how strong you are


Squat Jumps – The ability to scale over the kids with the tongs in hand 
3-5 sets of 12 depending on how strong you are!


Have Fun Preparing for this Australia Day guys!


Don’t forget Stay Awesome


Tim Morgan

4 U Body Fitness


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