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AMRAP Workout 1

Hi Guys and welcome to our weekly AMRAP workout! 

AMRAP Stands for As Many Reps As Possible, these sessions are designed to physically and mentally push you to your limits! 

Let me Put it out there your limits are exactly that yours. This does not mean that you are expected to get as many repetitions as an AFL footballer or run as quick as Usain Bolt or have the upper body strength as a Gymnast, this means that you need to work at your own maximum whatever that may be!  You can be any fitness level to start these workouts and revisit the old workouts Regularly to test if you are improving or not. This is very much a you will get out what you put in Style of training! 


“You will only Fail when you Give UP”!


Enough of the boring stuff lets get going!!! We are going to start with the basics today and build you up into more and more creative stuff as we go along! 


Push ups x 10


Squats X 10 

Inverted row X 10

Walking Lunges X 20 Steps

Bicycle Crunch X 20 

30 second rest

As many rounds as possible  in 25minutes! 


“Go Hard or Go Home”


Enjoy guys


Stay Awesome


Tim Morgan

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