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Getting Started With Exercise

Hi team!!

The biggest challenge for people looking to get into training is how to get started. How to build the foundational habits that enable you to form an addiction to training and then eventually getting all the results you desire! We all know the formula for weight loss:

(Great Nutrition + Training) × (Consistency + Perseverance) = Amazing Results.

So how do we start training regularly and consistently?

Everything wants to stop you right?

Some of the objections I hear often are: I don’t have time, I was having a bad day, I forgot, I was sore!  All perfectly good excuses but excuses do not get you results!


Make it easy! Make it achievable! Track it and get a result!


Step 1. Make it easy!

If you are doing nothing at the moment you should start with booking a time into your schedule (as little as 4 minutes) and get moving. I personally recommend walking. You can walk with the pram if you are a mum, if you are a corporate you can walk on your lunch break or sneak in some easy walking by parking the car a few hundred metres from work or your train stop. The point is it is that is shouldn’t be hard, you do not need any equipment and you can do it anywhere!!!!!!
This should be done 3-4 times per week.

Once you have nailed walking and time allocation for 2 weeks in a row the next step is to slip in a REALLY SIMPLE structured work out!


Step 2. Make it achievable

2 steps to introduce Easy Workout. I am going to discuss how to implement a workout routine, and an easy example.


  1. Start by just going through just the warm up 2-3 times per week.
  2. Once you have done this successfully for two weeks then add in the easy workout for one per week
  3. Then add in easy workout for three per week
  4. Finally walk on your off days.

Before you know it, and with minimal effort, you are building a foundation for the fit healthy person you desire to be.

In my experience, with good nutrition, most people will still lose weight just by using this simple formula!

Total time for implementation should be from zero to easy workout in 6-8 weeks

** Easy workout is meant to be easy, if it is too challenging for your currently level scale it down, or just do half of the workout one day and the other half the next.

Easy Work Out Routine

Warm up 5-10minutes  

Find 10m to 20m of space (usually the length of your hallway is fine, less excuses if you are doing this at home)

Go through each of the following exercises twice (up and back is one)

Jog – 50-60% of your max pace

High knees – lifting your knees up to hip height whilst taking small steps forward

Butt kicks – lifting your heels up to your bottom whilst taking small steps forward

Side shuffles – shuffling side ways facing the same direction up and back

Grape vine – shuffling side ways except this time you will cross your legs over as you go. First step you will cross your leg over to the front, secondly you will cross your leg over to the back.

Shallow Walking Lunge – A walking lunge but just going down low enough to feel the stretch

Side step and Squat – stepping sideways and squatting in a nice wide stance

For your upper body

Downward dog – Start in the push up position on your toes and stretch back lifting your hips and pushing your heals flat allowing your head to tuck between your arms.

Arm Circles – Start with your arms out to the side Start with small circles and move into larger circles going in both directions

Work Out – no longer than 20minutes

Push ups – sub max 3 sets 1 minute rest in between

Squats –  3 sets X 15 1 minute rest in between (add a little bit of weight if necessary)

Inverted rows  OR Dips – sub max 3 sets 1minute rest in between. (if you cannot find a place to do an inverted rows dips are a good swap as you usually only need a chair instead of a heavy table or pole)

Lunges – Standing in the lunge position on the spot. Moving down for as low as you can go and then pushing hard back to the top.  3 sets of 10 each leg

Plank – 2 sets as long as you can hold.

Sub max – This term is used to go near the point of exhaustion but not actually hit it. For example, if your maximum would be 10 push ups, then you would do 8. This is also described as doing as many as you can minus one or two.

Cool down – 5 minutes stretching

20-30 second hold on each side

Chest – Using a door frame. Hold your arm out to the side with your elbow at 90 degrees. Press your hand along to your elbow on the door frame and rotate your body away from your hand.

Back – holding onto the door frame with your left hand, step back with your left leg and pull gently

Glutes – lying down on your back. Put your Right ankle on your left knee. And pull your left knee into your chest.

Quads – lying on your right hand side. Reach back and pull your left foot towards your bum and push your hips forwards

Hamstrings – Lying on your back with your Right leg in the air. Grab your calf with two hand and pull your leg back towards your chest

Calves – Standing with your right leg back in a long stance. Push your right heel firmly into the ground.


Step 3. Track it and get a result

You must have a diary or a spreadsheet on the fridge that is showing you when you workout and when you don’t. This will enable you to stay accountable.

Further more track your numbers, some important ones to track are –

Testing yourself every 4 weeks is a good indicator of process and you should see improvements in all areas each time.





Looks and sounds easy right?
What are you waiting for! Do not hesitate in getting started make it happen today!

“The hardest part about working out is putting your shoes on”


Stay Awesome!


Tim Morgan

Mobile Personal Training Specialist

4 U Body Fitness

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