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Detox Blog Post 4

Katrina Rotunno’s Last Blog post in the series, and two amazing inspirational stories at the end of this one!

Detox Blog Series

Part 4 –  Post detox steps and results

What Now?


Finished the detox? How do you feel? What results did you achieve? Could you continue to increase results and feeling of wellbeing? Consider extending your plan or putting a time in place to do again!

When doing a detox, as explained earlier, the body is eliminating toxins and ‘cleaning up’ the body. You should feel fresher, lighter and have more energy. Your body has been cleansed and the last thing you want to do is go back to old habits or eat anything overly heavy or rich. Not only will you undo all your great work, you will feel very unwell. It’s not to say you can never have rich foods again, just ease back into the ‘avoidable’ foods, avoiding anything too heavy, and integrating them less into your lifestyle than previously to maintain your results and clean feeling.

Examples of what not to do

Avoiding having overly large food portions, dense carbohydrates (such as a rich pasta dish) foods with high saturated fat (such as fried take away) or substantial amounts of alcohol. You will most likely feel quite ill.

Examples of what to do

Intergrate lighter avoidable foods first, such as a stir fry with some rice noodles, a wrap (rather than for instance a white bread focaccia) and small amounts of caffeine or alcohol. Bring these foods in slowly, and make a conscious effort to still work with the clean eating principles you were on the detox; e.g. plenty of water, mostly fresh food, enjoying plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Future eating

An example of trying to maintain a cleaner diet post detox could be to have complex carbohydrate free days (every second day, or weekdays) where you maintain detox principles and avoid these foods. Or you could have carbohydrate free dinners, still enjoying your cereal for breakfast, and wrap for lunch, but grilled fish and salad for dinner. Or Monday – Friday could be alcohol and caffeine free etc. These ‘rules’ you make yourself can be as rigid or flexible as you like depending on how you feel, what results you desire, and your lifestyle choices.


Personal reflections and results!

These are testimonials from my clients who undertook a form of detox diet that I provided them with for up to 6 weeks and achieved real results which they have maintained.


Caroline: 4 week detox, ‘last’ 3kg loss (55kg –> 52kg), forever changed eating habits

“It was a huge wake up call for me and the push that I needed on my weight loss journey..

I lost just over 3kg in four weeks and have kept it off which is more important, this is not a crash diet.

The diet opened my eyes in so many ways, I was a big bread and cereal eater and like a lot of people relied on it as a quick fix when you’re on the go. So I thought I would struggle with this diet that Kat had presented to me. I said I would give it a red hot go for two weeks and see how I get on.

Well I ended up enjoying the meals so much I continued for four weeks. I didn’t miss the cereal, bread or chocolate!

I started to really take a closer look at the nutritional value in the foods I was eating and surprised me to see such high levels of sugar in supposedly healthy options. Reliable healthy options are the meals you make yourself from fresh ingredients and that really are the bottom line.

A complete eye opener and would recommend to anyone to give it a try!! You have nothing to lose but the kilos! :)…”


Kathryn: 6 week detox, 5.5kg loss, continuing regime and results

“Kat suggested the Fyfield detox diet to me at a time when I was not getting the results that I was working toward.

Food choices is the hardest part for me in a healthy life style and this diet was easy to follow and helped me to achieve a 5.5kg weight loss in 6 weeks along with a training regime.

It took a few days to get used to it but when I made prepared meals and snacks according to the diet it was easy to stick to. By not eating processed foods and sticking to mostly fruit, vegetables, fish, chicken and some red meat, I felt lighter and better in myself.

Fyfield diet kick-started my metabolism, helped my weight loss immensely and it was easy to follow.”


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