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Body image, by Gem

As a personal trainer it’s my job to help people achieve their health and fitness goals and more often than not they are physical goals. I often ask my clients how they will feel when they achieve that weight loss goal to receive the same answer over and over, great! But why? The answer changes but deep down we all know it’s to fit into societies unrealistic expectations of beauty.

What is it that we’re exactly trying to achieve?

For Woman- Flat stomach, toned arms, box gap, big breasts, round firm butt, perfect smooth skin, lush hair, and a small waist.

For Men- Defined Abs, bulging muscles and symmetry

This is societies definition of body perfection.

Everyday we are faced with societies pressures to conform to these unrealistic and difficult to obtain standard of appearance. We are made out to be average and unattractive if we don’t look like the photoshopped and cosmetically enhanced models we see on a daily basis. From a young age we are targeted by marketing to follow trends weather its wearing a particular type of clothing or getting cosmetic surgery to change our natural appearance. We are bombarded on social media with images of men and woman flaunting their bodies and repping unhealthy and bogus diet supplements like tea detoxes, weight loss supplements and waist trainers.

According to a new report commissioned by Dove, a staggering 89 per cent of Australian women are opting to cancel plans, job interviews or other important engagements simply because of how they look.

Why do we care so much? Why don’t we see ‘average’ looking people on the front cover of magazines? Why are ‘plus size’ models still smaller than the average sized woman? Unfortunately the media won’t change. We need to find it in ourselves to accept that who we are as a person far outweighs our appearance. We need to focus on our health over weather we have flabby arms and love handles. Focusing on your health will result in a better appearance though it’s important to try and not conform to societies expectations.

We all inspire to be someone, yes sometimes our appearance will play a large role in this, but in the end loving yourself and being loved by those around you regardless of your appearance is the recipe for a happy life.

Gemma Sergeant, 
4 U Body Fitness

Mobile Personal Training Specialist 

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