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A little bit of Inspiration – Liz Mistretta’s Journey!

Today we introduce superstar client Liz Mistretta! Who took the time to share her journey with us!

Liz has done amazingly well and got some great results through the process, she has inspired many of the fellow 4U Legends and we are excited for her to share some parts of her journey!

Tell me a little bit about you and why you started training?

I was at a point in my life where life as I knew it was turned upside down and I dropped the ball on ME.  I decided to take control and reached out to 4 U Body Fitness, I recognise that I am an individual that needs to be held to account and engaging a Personal Trainer that was going to come to me would help me take back the control I needed.  I started training so that I could get my health back in control and the key benefits are dropping a few Kg’s and improved mental health that the you get from training.


What were your challenges before you started training?

The biggest challenge for me was simply starting and finding a trainer that I could trust and also push me to achieve what is important to me.


What results have you got and how are you feeling now? 

I have dropped 13Kgs and almost 3 dress sizes since starting this journey, but most importantly I have taken back control of my life and am feeling empowered to keep working on becoming a better version of me.  I have great support around me from my trainer, family & friends and this helps keep me motivated.


What do you like about training with a 4 U Body Fitness Specialist? 

Nicole is very motivating not only when training, but she is always available for advise and also helping to keep me honest every other day of the week.


What advice would you give to someone thinking about doing something about therehealth and fitness?

Do It!!! Don’t wait, we are always caring for others or putting in the hours at work and if you are a healthier happier person everything around you improves.  Investing time and money in yourself will always be a good investment.


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