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George Varsamis’s Awesome Journey

George Varsamis in his short time with 4 U Body Fitness has got some great results with superstar coach Nicole Bartlett! 

We asked George about his 4 U Body Fitness Experience 

Tell me a little bit about you and why you started training?

I work in an office all day and don’t have time to exercise so my wife and myself made a decision to invest ourselves in personal training and start to get healthier. 


What were your challenges before you started training?


My challenges were trying to find time and motivation to do some kind of exercise in my busy lifestyle.

What results have you got and how are you feeling now? 

The results have been significant, I am leaner and far fitter from before.  I have changed the way I eat from eating to many high carbs to protein and more green salads. Personal training twice a week has made a big difference in my performance, but what is also most important is that I am setting a great example to my kids.

What do you like about training with a 4 U Body Fitness Specialist? 

Training with Nicole has been excellent at providing a full body work outs and explaining the benefits of each exercise. The workouts are fun and always keeping us on track, constantly improving on all my exercises. She motivates us to move through the difficult movements. She challenges us to always strive to push our personal boundaries to new heights.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about doing something about their health and fitness?

Quite simple, anyone who is looking to get in better shape and improve their health go for it!!

If you are have been thinking about starting your health and fitness journey and are unsure where to start contact us today and we can custom build your training experience today ==>
Stay Awesome!
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