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AMRAP Work Out Number 16


AMRAP Work Out Number 16!


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Bring the Power! 


More of an advanced session this one all of these exercises can be scaled down though to suit any fitness level, do not attempt and exercise that you cannot maintain good technique with! 


Today session is about developing power for sport in particular. 


3 sets of each, each rep needs to be done as fast as possible, 60 seconds rest in between each set!   


On a 20m  stretch go through each of these 3 times – High knees, Butt kicks, Hopping, Ski Jumps, Side Shuffles, Skipping, Walking Crawl, Bear Crawl  

Clap Push Up: 12 reps focusing on a strong core!  


Depth Jumps: Drop off a box or step that is about knee height and explode up as soon as you hit the ground 12 reps per set. 



Lateral jumps: Jump as high and as far as you can to your left for 6 jumps and then back to your right for 6 jumps per set


Overhead Throw: with a medicine ball between 4-6kgs depending on how strong you are, for 12 reps  


Jump squats with a tuck: squatting down to 90 degree bend at your knee and then exploding up bringing your knees into your chest  X12 reps


Hand Stand Push ups: x8 use a wall to keep balance if required  


One legged step ups: balancing on a bench squat down until your lower leg heads the floor and then explode up X12 



#Persistence #Consistency #Determination #Focus #Excellence!


Stay Awesome Guys!


Tim Morgan


Director 4 U Body Fitness


Mobile Personal Training Specialist


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