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AMRAP Work Out Number 10

Hi Guys and welcome to AMRAP 10!! 


Number 10 and we are in double figures and the variety of workouts is amazing, if you would like to submit your own AMRAP Work out send it to and if it is good enough we will post it! 


10 is our theme today so we have 10 exercises, 10 reps of each and 10 minute time frame, try and get through this 10 times for the hardcore guys and 3-5 for the rest of us “just Awesome” people! 


1) 10 Push ups


2) 10 Squats


3) 10 Star jumps


4) 10 Inverted rows (or alternative pull based exercise)


5) 10 Walking lunges


6)10 Burpees  (no Push up)


7)10 Mountain Climbers (switch legs and switch back is one)


8) 10 Dips 


9) 10 Bicycle Crunches


10) 10 Seated v sit  forward and back rotations with your feet (big circles with your feet guys)


Stay Awesome, Stay Motivated! 


Focus – Determination – Persistence – Consistency – Excellence


Tim Morgan

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