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6 of the greatest exercises for sexy toned arms that you can do from home!

6 of the greatest exercises for sexy toned arms that you can do from home! 


I am always being asked as a Mobile Personal Trainer how can I get rid of that wobble when I wave, or those tuck shop lady arms, or chicken wings or whatever else we are trying to call that little bit of excess that is floating around your arms today! We will release video tutorials on how to do theses awesome exercises but in the mean time I want to just give you some of our best! 

Now you may not be up to all of these yet but I promise you as soon as your ready you want to be doing these exercises!  And no ladies this will not make you look bulky!! 


Exercise Number 1: Push ups – Yeah we knew this was coming and once you master push ups on your knees start to progress. Start with Push ups on your toes and then build into Spider and T Push ups. Different Push up variations will hit different spots, some will focus more on one side some will focus in more on your core, some will focus on shoulder stability each play there role so make sure your mixing them up! 


Exercise Number 2: Dips – Working the same major muscle groups as our Push ups dips compliment them well! I personally like to use dips as a finisher as the hone in on the Triceps a little more and do not involve as much core activation, these are great for those who “love the burn”


Exercise number 3: Hand Stands – Thats right you heard me right, its time to unleash your inner child and start practising your handstands again, other than the obvious, this exercise is awesome for core and shoulder stability and you will be only be better off by doing them! However they are on the advanced side so make sure that you are able to do these with good technique keeping the body in a straight line against a wall with a neutral spine. 


Exercise Number 4: Inverted Row – I personally love these guys mainly because they are a fantastic back and bicep exercise to counter balance all the push exercises we have been doing! The other reason is usually have something we can hang off the edge of around the home, some examples are  Heavy duty tables, Fixed swing sets, trampolines, treadmills and play equipment! 


Exercise Number 5: Chin ups – If you can get these guys going you are not only awesome but are able to tap into one of the best fat burning and muscle building exercises in the world today. Start slow with just one or two even if your jumping to reach the top and slowly lowering yourself down! 


Exercise number 6: Renegade Row – Push ups and a one arm row in one! This means you have the ability to knock off the whole upper body in one hit and is an amazing fat burning time efficient exercise and if you can you should be integrating it into your current work outs. Wait for the demo video before trying this one! If you can’t wait jump on youtube and you will find some awesome tutorials! 


Enjoy your sexy new arms! 


Stay Awesome 

Tim Morgan

4 U Body Fitness



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