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Q and A With Michelle and Emalie!

Hi Team!

Today we have something we will be doing quite regularly with our awesome clients, to give you an insight on there journey and to help inspire you to continue yours!

I want to personally thank Michelle and Emalie on taking the time out to share their journey so far!  Emalie and Michelle are an awesome mother daughter combo that I have the pleasure in training twice per week and they are coming up to the end of there second year with me and the team!

Here is their Q and A!


First up Miss Emalie Van Harten

What is the number one reason you do personal training?

I do personal training so that I can lose weight, but also so I can get the strength back in my knees and my back.


What do you like about the 2 on 1 experience?

It is good working alongside someone else you as you can motivate each other.


You have had more than one trainer. How did you find the swap over?

At first it was a trial and error session as we had to get used to the way things were done with another trainer and due to having a few restrictions on what I can do, it was an interesting transition. Training with Jake took us to another level, and managed to get my muscles aching the day after the training session – which is not an easy thing to do!


Everyone loves weight loss stories but what are the other changes that you have found since starting training?

  • I am having issues fitting into clothes as my arms are bigger and stronger since I started (TIM!!!!!)
  • I have managed to go down a belt notch
  • People are noticing that I have started looking leaner


For someone just starting their journey, what advice would you give them to get the most out of their personal training experience?

Keep an open mind and be open to change. It has taken me forever to realise this and I still have a way to go but it works.



I was introduced to personal training by doing the 1000 steps. A fabulous way to get exercising after not doing any for a couple of years. I’m pretty sure I nearly passed out and Tim had to come back down the steps about 5 times to see if I was still alive. That was about 2 years ago. I have since continued training with Tim and we also got to train with Jake after Tim decided to break his leg. Both are fabulous trainers and certainly know what they are doing. They motivate and encourage you to do your best. Tim also has a habit of getting inside your head and staying there. So every time I look at a chocolate bar – I have Tim saying ‘YOU DON’T NEED IT’! I have now gone up to training twice a week and I am beginning to see a difference in my fitness level – and the level that my arms have gone up as I have having serious issues fitting into some dresses and tops which I never fail to let Tim know about. I love our little debates that we always seem to end up agreeing to disagree. I have loved training with Tim and hopefully there is a few more years and fun times in there yet.




Emalie Van Harten

What is the number one reason you do personal training? 

Health. I commenced initially so as to lower cholesterol and potentially to come off blood pressure tablets.

What do you like about the 2 on 1 Experience? 
Support, encouragement, accountability

You have had more than one trainer, how did you find the swap over?
No problem,  enjoyed the difference between the two trainers.

Everyone loves weight Loss stories but what are the other changes that you have found since starting training? 
I never started for weight loss, I started as per question 1, with the addition to tone and to ultimately continue doing the program as never have I continued an exercise program for this duration.

For someone just starting there journey what advice would you have them to get the most out of there personal training Experience ? 
Unless you are highly motivated do it with a buddy to support each other especially when tired, in the heat and in the cold.

      By no means will I ever be an exercise junkie but having now done pt for nearly 2 years and the fact that Tim comes to me I structure my week that includes social events around pt.
I have achieved my original goals of reducing my cholesterol levels and ceasing my blood pressure medications. At 51 I get comments about how good I’m looking- not sure what I looked like before!! I have had a major health issue recently  so have increased pt to twice weekly to enable ongoing management of my condition. I was adamant that I would never attempt the 1000 stairs but now after nearly 2 years I am actually considering it and feel I would give it a good go. Thanks to Tim and Jake.


I would to congratulate and thank the girls for jumping and doing the Q and A and more importantly on the results they have earned!

Be Inspired, By The Little Things Every Day To Achieve Happiness and Success!

Stay Awesome team!

Tim Morgan

4 U Body Fitness

Mobile Personal Training Specialists!



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