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6 Steps To Ensure Success!

Our Blog post today is about focus! It is about continually tapping into our intrinsic motivators and reminding ourselves of the why we are trying to achieve success and the what do we need to do to make it happen!

We harp on about goal setting a lot in what we do and that is for good reason but I am not preaching having great goals today. Today I want to more talk about the benefit of constantly reviewing your goals. Too many times I myself, my friends and family have dreamed about massive goals – health, wealth and happiness all included, and had unsuccessful attempts. A major reason for this is we have the habit of talking about it once or twice and then that’s it, every day from then on time fades the memory, the feeling of what achieving that goal means to you, and “life” then will step in and distract you and keep you “busy” until one day you reflect months, or even years later and realize that you had not even taken the first action step.


If you can even implement just one of these steps today you will be one step closer to achieving your goal than you where yesterday, and then its simple take it day by day, do small achievable steps with you your new found focus and then achieve what was once just a dream.


Step 1 – Use a Goal Book! Write down what you want to achieve read and review your goals daily and as you become more aware of what you need to do to achieve your goals add new things you need to action to help you succeed and tick off anything you have completed thus far!


Step 2 – Use a Vision Board!  A Vision board can be a wall, a whiteboard or even a A4 piece of paper on the fridge! It needs to be able to grab your attention, it will need pictures and colour’s, quotes and everything else that will motivate you – a vision board is more about the power of the end results where a goal book is more about the journey!


Step 3 – Be Organized and Disciplined!  Schedule time to plan and prep for what you need to do for the week, month and quarter ahead. Make sure that you then stick to your allocated times like glue, if you need a big reason why to stay disciplined just ask your self this – Am I 100% truly happy with not deciding not to achieve this goal? If you are not organized and disciplined you will not achieve the result you are after and that is your choice.


Step 4 – Have someone to keep you Accountable! This person could be a friend or family member, it could be a coach or a trainer, or even social media can be very powerful! This person does however need to be able to call you on your B.S. and be able to be supportive of you at the same time!


Step 5 – The Dot Technique! In terms of creating new habit I love these two little pattern breakers. The first one being the dot technique! If you see me you will notice quite often I will have a coloured dot on the front or back of my hand. This is a reminder for me of an action step that I need to take today!  Be that as simple as just eat awesome, train later no matter what, or make a few calls or e-mails in the afternoon! When you draw your dot on take a moment to lock in what it means just by visualizing the activity you need to do, this will then trigger you to remember your task every time you look at the back of your hand!


Step 6 – Use an Elastic Band as a Pattern Breaker! If you are really struggling with a habit be it checking facebook during potentially productive times  (you know who you are, all of you!),  or going to fridge to get a snack on add breaks, it might be a 3:30 craving for sweet food, or you might be having that little discussion in your head about whether to train or not to train flick the band and it will snap you out of the thought process!


The biggest key to success is though is action and fast action, the longer you sit on something the bigger you will build a task up in your mind. We have all done it before! Ask your self this – have you ever had to make a phone call to a school, a phone company etc and dreaded the call. You sit on it for two or three days and build it up in your mind, build it up bigger and bigger to a point where it feels like it is an impossible task, your palms are sweaty you are a little anxious and then eventually you finally make the call and it was nothing, something really simple that only took a five minute conversation to fix, it wasn’t even a big deal but in your mind a few moments before that call it had been almost set it up as if it was a life or death situation!

Act and act soon, sometimes it is better to shoot first and then ask questions second, especially if it involves taking a step forward towards your personal success!


Stay Awesome


Tim Morgan

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