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Nicole Goldsmiths Journey


Hi team, I want to introduce you to one of our Bootcamp superstars, Nicole Goldsmith!

Niki is what happens when you put consistent hard work and determination together to achieve a life changing result! Her amazing story is below.


I wanted to express my most heartfelt thanks for everything 4 U Body Fitness has taught me, given me and shown me throughout the past 12 months. Your lovely smiles and positivity is infectious and the impact you have all had on me has been both inspirational and absolutely life changing.

For me, deciding to participate in Bootcamp was not to do with being fitter, faster and stronger. It was not to do with losing weight (although I knew I had many kilos to loose and many wobbly bits that needed to be toned) and my aim was certainly never to be the best at something or the first across the finish line (those kind of things do not motivate me) The reason I started Bootcamp was to do something positive to change my life, to find something that made me feel better about myself on the inside and out, and to challenge myself to do something that I have never ever done before.

Nicole goldsmith beforeNicole goldsmith after

Today At 27 years of age, I joined 4 U Body Fitness. With absolutely not fitness level or experience. (What’s a burpee? What is this bear crawl?) I had no confidence or self esteem. I had spent all of my adolescence and most of my adult life, being bulled, ostracized, excluded and made to feel worthless and never good enough. Because of this, I made poor life decisions, missed out on opportunities and became an emotional eater. A cycle that would consume me, made me anxious at times but mostly depressed.

After a messy break up I decided to change my life so I contact 4U Body fitness. What I have gained from boot camp was so much more than I ever expected…  I have been taught so many things. How to make my body stronger; and I learnt to be strong on the inside too. I have been taught how essential it is to look after my mind and my body; and I learned that I am important as well. I can run further and faster; and I learnt to keep going and not give up and always make it over the finish line! I now know what it means to enjoy exercise; and I have learnt that exercise makes me feel so much better. 4 U Body Fitness has taught me to believe in myself and think that “I can” and I eventually learned that I could. I now know and practice the importance of good nutrition; and I learned how to be healthier and happier. I try hard and always do my best; and I learned to persevere and that I can improve. But most importantly I have learnt to have confidence in myself, to accept who I am and to enjoy life.

I find myself participating in challenges, attending a booster sessions and also attending social events and dinners with other boot campers and trainers. I am definitely not the shy, self conscious person I was when I started.

My piece of advice for anyone who is starting boot camp is you have to go whole heartedly into anything in order to achieve anything worth having. I have never been happier or healthier in my life and can prove to myself that I am a fighter and not a quitter.

Thank you to everyone at 4 U Body Fitness. You helped me make the fantasy the reality!








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